Food Security in a Changing World Module 5

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Welcome to Module 5 – The Garden Part 1 of 3. I like this module because years ago, In the spring, I had many trees that shed their leaves. Not just a few but copious amounts. At the time I was not into growing food and I looked at all those leaves as just a bunch of work. As I look back on that time, I sure wish I had all those leaves in my compost pile. It’s all about the attitude I guess, as now I look at weeds fondly as a compost source. If you are going to have your own grocery store, then you will need to learn how to make your own compost.

Weed Killer

Getting good material for composting is becoming hard to do with all those chemical workers (dumb farmers) that use weed killer on everything. They don’t know it but if this goes on, at some point the earth will be so messed up that we will not be able to grow food. I find it strange that farmers don’t understand that all those chemicals end up in the food chain and eventually in our bodies? I guess it is all about money and the hell with everyone else? I destroyed over 400 tomato plants in my greenhouse and my outside garden by using cow manure that contained this really evil stuff. If your neighbor wants to give you free manure or some old hay, just say no as it will probably just kill your garden. Here is an idea on how to check any hay you might get for weed killer. This nice young Lady has the answer HERE.

Things are still going crazy on our pretty blue planet. Here is one headline that got my attention: Baby formula shortage prompts rationing at Target, Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS. Jeepers what did people feed their baby’s before Baby Formula?

This is just another example of putting out lives, safety, and security in the hands of others. What did people do when there was no Walmart or other grocery stores? Our global system is slowly going down, and all of us are having to soon learn how to take care of our own lives, safety, and security. I suspect that this is a thought that most people are not thinking. There has always been food and baby formula at the store. How could all that go away? Here is a graphic that I have used many times. This is exactly what is going to happen and perhaps very soon. Are you one of the ten? I sure hope so. Just remember that your family members and that family next door will probably not.

You might say WOW that is really negative, and you would be right. Nine out of Ten people dead is pretty negative. But ask the question, what would happen if there was little food available? What if all those people that put their lives, safety, and security into a failing system could not count on it? How many people do you know that are preppers and are growing their own food? How many people do you know that have a year’s food stored away just in case? While nine out of ten dead may be negative, it would be the reality of things. Reality is not always a Rose Garden or Peachy-Cream. Tell that to the people in China and in Ukraine. How about the people in the UK that must choose heating or cooling or gas or food. What would you choose? As I said in my last post, you do not have to believe what I am writing. You can go your way and as I always say, drink and eat all that Pizza and Beer. Just remember that the beer you drink and the pizza crust and cheese you horse down is full of weed killer!

One last thing, and that is that the globalist (Great Global Reset) want to take the whole world down, and then they will offer you a solution. A solution that will cost you your soul for a bit of food. A soul that they will then place in hell for eternity. Not a good return on your investment is it?

Click on the graphic below to view and download Module 5.

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