Food Security in a Changing World Module1

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Welcome to Food Security in a Changing World Module 1. I am not sure how many modules there will be, but I expect 8 would be a good numbner. This little course on food and food security will cover growing and storing food. As the world seems to be intent on destroying our at one time stable food production and distribution systems growing and storing your own good will become very important. “Be your own grocery store” kind of sums up what this course is all about, All modules will be in PDF format that you can read online, or download for later. You are encouraged to share the modules with friends and those who think growing food is something not necessary at all.

For those just starting prepping or have had a “Oh My” moment, this course is a good place to start.

iF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING WHAT IS HAPPENING GLOBALLY, I am sure I probably do not need to tell you that things are getting wierd and will get wierder in the following months. If you have not started storing food for leaner times. you may have waited too late. Inflation is going off the cliff, and the president wants to spend 5 trillion dollars next year in the 2023 budget. Remember the IRS only collects a bit over two trillion in taxes, so our currency becomes even more worthless. It looks like Russia has the upperhand when it comes to energy, food and fertilizer. They tell us inflation, gas and everything else is because of Russia. In reality kicking Russia has backfired. If you think 2022 is crazy, just wait until the fall. The Great Global Reset has been kicked into high gear, and perhaps by this time next year, you will be using your digital wallet to purchase food. Now is the time to disconnect from the matrix if you can. Soon you will need your digital ID to do anything.

If you want a reality check with a sweet smile. Watch this VIDEO HERE. This Woman knows what is good for you. Yaa a one world government or global governance. You will own nothing but be happy!! You will be happy if you follow the rules that is. The rules will be their rules, so no meat, chicken and plenty of bug food.

To view Module 1, click on the graphic below.

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