Food Security in a Changing World Module2

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On the weather front, winter won’t seem to go away in the eastern US as crops may be looking at some frost problems. Same in Western Europe as spring looked like it had sprung but winter has returned which may destroy early fruit production. The Western part of the US is still experiencing drought conditions.

On the energy front, the EU keeps up it insane green agenda as they are cut off from Russian oil and gas. This self-inflicted process is causing fuel and heating costs to rise in an almost exponential manner. Here in the US, we were exporting oil and gas under Trump ( I am no fan of Trump as he is a rock head) but under the unelected Joe Truck Driving Buba brain dead Biden, we are looking for oil, have opened out petroleum reserves and want Canadian oil. Even with all this an oil pipeline from Canada remains shut down.

All the above is making those who are planning the Great Global Reset to urinate on them selfs they are so happy.

If all this does not make you want to plan for your security food-wise, I am sure nothing will until there is nothing left to purchase. Them you may see the light (Your Light) and assume its all that hording by preppers who have all the food and now they owe you some!

The following Module 2 below is about dry (storage) canning, and I would suggest that you start now while its even possible. Note: I left out dry caning in your oven.

Dry Canning is not actually canning, it is just a way of extending the life and quality of dry foods.

Dry canning using your ovenDo not do it. The following if from the New Mexico State University. ““Dry Canning” is a method of putting dried food like grains, beans, and nuts, into canning jars. Lids are placed on jars then jars are placed into an oven and heated to 200F or hotter. In some directions, the food in jars is heated without the lids, which are then placed on the jars when they come out of the oven.” Can you do this safely? The short answer is “no”.

BUT does vacuum sealing in jars or sealing bags work? “A vacuum sealing machine that has adapters for jars in addition to sealing bags if you want your food in jars. This vacuum packaging is done at room temperature.”

Here is the URL

So the only way to actually extend the quality of dry food is the vacuum method and of course, also using oxygen absorbers. Please note that I am no food preservation expert, and what is offered is what I do personally. Be very careful what you vacuum seal. The Above New Mexico State University URL is a great reference site on the subject.

You can view and download Module 2 by clicking on the graphic below

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