Get Your Seeds

orange pumpkin

Both of the two company’s below are very trusted by the Author of Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum blog. I have used both of them for years and are an ideal place to get your seeds. I use True Leaf when ordering microgreen seeds by the 50 pound sack. Both Eden brothers and True Leaf have a huge supply of garden seeds and at really good prices. Its time to get your 7 year supply of seeds. Remember 7 years of seeds is really not that many even if you will have a small garden. Also after year one you can start Seed Saving. I suspect that seeds will over time become more expensive so now is a good time. Keep them in a sealed container in your refrigerator for long term storage. Again, you can really trust both of the two below.

As the Grand Solar Minimum Progresses it will become harder and harder to get seed. Some seed suppliers are now starting to see seed shortages for their customers (Jan. 2020).


Click Here to visit True Leaf


Click Here to visit Eden Brothers.

OK now you have a bunch of seed so what do you do with the seeds you don’t use? Obviously you don’t want to just let them sit there. Some seeds or only viable for a couple of years. Seeds like carrots especially.

The author of this blog stores his seeds in the refrigerator and in a large freezer in plastic sacks that can be sealed, and then placed in a canning jar. Make sure it is a low humidity place and day when doing this. For larger amounts, I do the above but place in a sealed 5 gallon bucket in my large freezer. Make sure when removing seeds that they completely come to room temperature before opening. The bags and a canning jar in the refrigerator (way in the back) are a good way to stores next years seeds and for long term.

For more on his go to the Seed Savers Exchange website HERE.

Need more seeds and there aren’t any? Then save your own seeds.

To learn how order this paperback book Here

I have used this book for the past 10 years. It’s a great book.