Global Food Crisis 2022?

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2022 was facing some serious food supply problems before the war in Ukraine. The headlines read ” world-facing “a huge supply shock” as a result of the war in Ukraine. The supplies they are referring to is not just food, but energy and just about everything that is part of the global transportation system.

According to the UN, worldwide food prices in February 2022 were 20.7 percent higher than they were in February 2021. That sounds like just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have been following agriculture sites, fertilizer prices have gone crazy and almost doubled, that is if farmers can get any. Modern agriculture sucks when it comes to the environment. At one time crops were grown in the soil, but now the soil is just used to hold the plant and the fertilizer that is dumped onto the soil. Reminds me of hydroponic growing. If there is no fertilizer input, then modern agriculture will fail to feed the world. Another problem is that there is a weed-killer supply problem as well. No fertilizer and weeds sucking up what nutrients are there can cause crop yields to further drop.

A huge part of our supply problems can be blamed on the pandemic and all the insane lockdowns that destroyed small businesses (Wallmart stayed open) and transportation and labor problems. The war in Ukraine has created all sorts of unrest caused not just by the war but all the sanctions placed on Russia. The sanctions it seems may have more negative consequences on the West than Russia. As politicians push back and forth with threats, World War 3 is popping its ugly head up as never before. WW3 was not something in day-to-day political discussions until recently. All of this is pushing the world into deeper and deeper global food problems that most Americans and other countries have never thought about.

Ukraine exports until just a few weeks ago were one of the world’s more important breadbaskets. Well that has gone as shipping is shut down, and even worse, crops for this year may not be planted. Well, that is bad enough, but exports from Russia will probably be upended by Western sanctions. It seems as we punish Russia, the more the world is punished. From those who track wheat prices: wheat prices surged 55% since a week before the invasion. You can imagine what will happen in the next few weeks. Also as I have talked about, Durum wheat in the US and Canada was down 40% because of weather problems. To sum up this paragraph: Russia and Ukraine account for “nearly a third of the world’s wheat and barley exports”. Looks like bread is going to become very expensive.

Remember years back and the Arab Spring? That was caused by the increase in food prices all over the Middle East. I can especially remember Egypt which caused a revolution. Well, what is going to soon happen will be far greater than anything that happened then. There could possibly be European Spring? It looks like Ukraine supplies around 60% of the corn that is used in Europe. Guess not – Let Them Eat Cake!

US and China Wheat

Our lying friends at the USDA may be telling the truth this time as we are seeing USDA reports that around 70% of all winter wheat in the US has been affected by drought conditions. Things in China for wheat are not looking so great as well. Remember that China’s food production has had real problems with flooding for the past two years. Then there was the Pig Flu. Well, wheat is having problems in China as well. The Chinese Agriculture Minister said that the condition of winter wheat could be the worst in history! So it looks like wheat is having problems all over the planet. China is one of the world’s largest wheat consumers.

Then there are gas and gas prices. I noticed that I almost paid $4.00 for a gallon of gas yesterday. There was a real pain on my face as I watched the dollars being clicked off as I filled up the tank. It’s no consolation, but the AAA is reporting that the national average for a gallon of gas hit $4.009 on Sunday. Yes, that makes me feel really average. I hope I never see the $6.00 I predicted for 2022. If I wanted that I would have to go to California. Not something I dream about.

As more and more weapons and money is injected into Ukraine, the richer the weapons manufacturers get and the more unstable the area becomes. Putin has really bit off a bit more than he had bargained for, and the only people who suffer from all this are those in Ukraine and the rest of the world with food scarcity. Congress in late February gave Ukraine a $350 million package of military aid. As an observer, I am not sure how to take all this craziness. As I stated in previous blogs, the globalist are very happy with all this, as it will take a global shutdown or disaster to implement the Great Global Reset. It looks like their plan is working really well.

Back to NORMAL.

If you are waiting for those good days of 2019, then your wait may be a long one. 2019 was the end of an era, and 2022 may be an entry year of things we could have never thought about back then. If you are not concerned about where we are going, then you may have been sleeping, or on something, you can text me about. Things will never be back to normal ever again. There is only one thing for certain and that is change is the new normal. Some people do not handle change very well, and it is most painful even for those who cope.

If you were waiting to get started prepping, I would suggest that you may be a bit late. There is still some time, but amazing things can happen in a day or so. I keep saying it, but do you have seeds and have started a garden? If not, why not? If the SHTF, there will be no one to come and help you. The government has already looked after themselves selfs, and you especially are not part of their plan.

I find it really strange that people don’t like rough talk, but if I see your dead rear in a ditch and you have not prepped for what is coming, I won’t really care as you were warned, so what else can anyone do?

So here is a bit more from the Russian mindset

If Russia Does Not Exist

Who Needs The World

Better Get Prepping!

Get some seeds.
Start your Garden.
Look after those you love and like.
Look after those who are in need and have less than you.

Dennis in Central Texas

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