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It’s all in your head.

Note that all of the above does not happen over the whole earth. Some places will be extremely hot and some so cold that you would have to be underground to escape and survive. Some places that were a desert will become islands of green and places that were prolific growing machines will have 20-year droughts. If the minimum which I believe is a SUPER one, all of the above will happen in spades. More why I think that this is true, but to get there we need to understand why.

So what is a Super Grand Solar Minimum? Well, the earth goes through a solar minimum every 11 or so years. The minimum is a cooler part of the 11 years and mostly is a so what kind of thing. But the earth has cycles of warm and cool periods, and some of the cooler periods don’t just have an 11-year cycle. Not in years but in cycles. My idea is of a  Grand one would be a 400-year cycle like in the Little Ice age This cycle would last 35 years or more and would take down the global food system. That was bad enough and many people starved and many moved south to escape the cold and crop failures. More on this moving south in a bit. A Super one is much worse as we could be looking at a 1000 or 3000-year cycle leading up to an ice age. Ice age, as where Canada and northern parts of the US go offline as it is not possible to grow crops there.

It’s all in your head. >>> One of the reasons people can’t wrap their minds around the SGSM is that they have not experienced anything quite like what is coming. Our ancient ancestors did but they didn’t have printing presses and computers to let us know what it was like. What people know and have experienced goes a long way in how they consider or believe something as epic as the SGSM. Most people don’t want to believe something if it doesn’t fit into their daily routines and beliefs. I can understand this and I see other reasons for this non-belief as well. Someone that has a serious medical problem would not like to even think about it not being available. If I had an option I would not like to think about it but I guess I am just driven.


There are two ways to move south. Yes, you can sell your home and locate it down here in Central Texas where I live.  Hey, come on as we need people that are thinking about prepping around here. The other way is to move your growing season more south with a greenhouse.


So what do the GSM and Greenhouses have to do with prepping? One of the really serious problems with the cooling earth is frost which can easily kill your plants. In some cases as in fruit trees, you have no control of the damage. With plants, there are some options and a greenhouse is a good one. If you are just waiting for the last frost day to plant, then you may run into a shortened season. I have at times had that problem especially here in Texas where it can go from cool to really hot in a week. If your starts are small and fragile. they will not be happy with all the heat. On the other side, a cool environment has the same problems.

Greenhouses offer two good solutions to the GSM.

One it can extend your season ( move south) by allowing you to grow your starts earlier and LARGER. If you have a shortened growing season, the larger the start the better.


On the left is one of my cold weather-growing heroes Eliot Coleman. He grows all season in the state of Maine using greenhouses. I own a couple of his books available on Amazon. Elliot is a really wonderful Gardner.


Here on the farm where I live, I have actually three greenhouses, A really small one that my wife uses, a homebrew one that I built with a greenhouse bender tool, and the larger commercial one which is a 30 x 90 foot one. On the left is my larger commercial one. In the picture, I am growing peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant with some squash and other things. As you can see I am using Grow Bags.


Here is how I save my starts during freezing weather. The picture is from my homebrew greenhouse. I create a small greenhouse with PVC and a roll of painter plastic. Then I use a small cheap heater inside when needed. Very little power used and my starts are happy. When it’s warm, I just pull back the painter’s plastic. If it’s really cold during the day, my starts still get sunlight. I have gone through many winters using this method.


The “Gothic” arch-style hoop house on the left is perfect for those in Northern climates with higher snow-loads. The high arch of the gothic design prevents snow from building up on the roof.

The greenhouse on the right is a hoop type and what I have. Not much snow here ( yet ) so I did not order a Gothic type.

GHKits Wiggle

Channels and wiggle wire hold the greenhouse film (plastic) to the greenhouse frame.


Insect netting is a lightweight mesh covering designed to act as an insect barrier for plants. It is a knitted mesh with 93% light transmission.

If you were like me years back and we’re just getting started in prepping, I wanted to start with a small greenhouse. One of the things that I did was to order all the parts for my greenhouse. Then all the other things like wood, tubing, etc. I purchased locally at Lowes and Home Depot.

Bootstrap Farmer has done all that for you with its greenhouse kit. They even have a list of things you can get locally for your buildout. This will save you huge amounts of money on freight. The kit has all the hardware, plastic, tubing bender, wiggle wire, plastic, and other things. Also, BOOTSTRAP FARMER has all types of things you will need for your starts. They also have large commercial greenhouses if you are thinking of starting a farm business. Take a look at what they have to offer, and if you are a prepper, be sure to get your own greenhouse. It’s cheaper than moving down with me in Central Texas. 🙂

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