This is the page I promised. Below are the items I use (you might use other equipment and ways. Also on this page is a PDF download of the manual I have developed to guide you in growing sprouts and microgreens.

Equipment List

Microgreen and Sprouting trays
These trays come with a White tray with holes and a bottom Green tray. Also comes with a semi-clear cover. If taken care of these will last for years. Set of 4. I have used these trays (this is the deeper size) and they are of good quality.

FiGoal 4 Pack Sprout Tray with Cover Soil-Free Seeds Grower and Storage Trays for Garden Home Kitchen

Go HERE for Tray Information

Grow lights

I use shop lights to grow my sprouts and microgreens. You can spend a lot of money on grow lights, but cheap simple ones work just fine. I use one of the shop lights underneath one of my kitchen cabinets to grow microgreens. Sprouts will not require a grow light. Here is what I use. I have probably purchased over forty (40) of these for use in my microgreen business. Remove the cover on the light which will increase the intensity.

(Pack of 6) Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 2200lm, 6500K (Super Bright White), 20W, Utility Shop Light, Ceiling and Under Cabinet Light, Corded electric with built-in ON/OFF switch. Also comes with mounting hardware. Lights may be daisy-chained. This is a great package and quality lights. Recommended by the Blog Author.

Go HERE for light info.

Grow Mats and seeds

This one is easy to do as the mats and the seeds are at the same location. Just look for sprouting and microgreen seeds. I would suggest that you start out with something simple as radish sprouts and microgreens. Both mats and seeds are available through True Leaf Seeds.

IMPORTANT: when you get to the site, choose microgreen seeds. I would suggest Daikin radish. Probably want a minimum of 1Lb. These seeds will work just as well for sprouts.
Next, for the mats, choose SuppliesGrow MediumsHANDY PANTRY – JUTE FIBER HYDROPONIC GROW MEDIUM – 10X10 MATS. To fit the trays, you will have to trim the mats. NOTE: you might look at felt mats at Walmart for a cheaper alternative. Just wash the felt in clean clean water before using.

Go HERE to get to True Leaf

The Manual

OK, the meat of all this is the manual. You can download a PDF of the manual below.

Additional Info:

In the Microgreen part of the manual, I am using felt or jute sheets to grow the Microgreens on. Another good process is to use coconut fiber. Fill up the white tray (with holes) about 1/2 inch high. Make sure that the fiber is really wet. Then add the radish seeds that you have soaked. Spray really good. Place cardboard or a tray over the seeds as in the manual. Follow instructions as in the manual. Good luck and enjoy your Microgreens.

Cheers – Dennis