Growing your own food at home

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This is an introduction to growing your own food. I will be talking about growing Sprouts and Microgreens which are a great Grand Solar Minimum Prepper food for the whole family. It can be grown without electrical power. Sprouts and Microgreens are nutrient-dense foods and supply vitamins and other great things for the body. They are actually much better than eating things like normal green vegetables. Things like lettuce which offer almost nothing in the nutrient world. Obviously, YOU CANNOT SURVIVE JUST EATING LETTUCE. Sprouts and Microgreens are different.

I have developed a page that you can go to. On that page is a list of needed equipment and a manual with many pictures and instructions for growing your own Sprouts and Microgreens. As a prepper, I would suggest that you think about growing inside your own home, apartment or where ever.

The manual covers what I have actually have done and use weekly. I also sell my Sprouts and Microgreens at a local Farmers Market.



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