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Yes indeed, cool North East wind hit me in the face. Last night reminded me of a fall evening here in Central Texas. The problem is that it is not fall, but the start of normally the hottest month of the year.

I am in the process of clearing out my greenhouse. After thinking about what I would grow in my greenhouse this fall and winter, I have decided on the following:

  • Microgreens
  • Lettuce
  • Onions
  • Kale
  • Mustards red and green
  • Arugula
  • Spinach
  • Swiss Chard
  • Broccoli¬†
  • Brussels Sprouts

Some of the above I have never grown in the fall and winter, but nothing to lose in trying. For many of the above, I will have to wait until it gets a bit cooler. Usually, that starts in early October here. If I start too early many of the above would go directly to seed.

While I am on the subject of greenhouses here is an old post I made on the subject.

Greenhouses – Build your own

I have build a couple of greenhouses in the last few years and was very happy with the results and how easy it was. Another thing that I liked was that I could customize the length and size I wanted. The following is where I originally purchased the hoop benders that formed the hoops of my greenhouse.
They worked wonderfully and these are great people.

Home Brew Greenhouse

Build Your Own Greenhouse
Lost Creek Greenhouse Systems
245 C.R. 2651
Mineola, TX. 75773
Their excellent website is at this URL
Note all graphics on this page are (C) Lost Creek Greenhouse Systems.

So why am I pushing greenhouses in this blog? The main reason is that soon, only those who have some form of protection for their crops will be successful at doing so. I have used a greenhouse to grow everything from Tomatoes to microgreens for the last 12 years and have never had a failure except for being blow away by tornadic winds. That happened to my large 30 x 90-foot greenhouse. My smaller one which I built with the bender survived just fine. I could list all types of advantages of using a greenhouse. Here are just a few:

Season Extension – grow earlier and later into the spring and fall.
Protection from wind, rain, and snow.
Protection from birds and some insects.
A controlled environment.
Fewer weeds
Great for growing starts that would be harmed by frost and cold weather.
Below is a picture of a hoop bender mounted on plywood. I mounted mine on plywood and put it in the back of my truck to hold it. That worked great.

This alone will give you a jump on getting plants producing at the optimum times available. Because of the Super Grand Solar Minimum, we should see our growing seasons compressed. Getting almost full-grown starts out in say your Ruth Stout garden will quickly produce food.

TIP: with the proper application of plastic, hay, and other materials, it is possible to grow greens in very cold temperatures in a greenhouse. Brassicas (cabbage family) especially do well.

So heads up on greenhouses. This could also become an SGSM business if you would like, I see a huge future in greenhouses as we see our major monoculture food system fail due to our coming cooler times.

Note: I get no compensation for featuring the benders. I was actually thinking about you and that you might need to survive the SGSM. Visit the website if for nothing else to learn a thing or two. The owners are wonderful people. Tell them I sent you.


Examples of homemade greenhouses:

Got Chickens?
Well Made Greenhouse

Well, that is all for August 4th, 2021. Remember by 2023 and then 2035 you will be wishing for this day again. As always I suggest:

Think about a GreenHouse
Get Some Seeds
Start a garden
Look after your family and friends and neighbors – Who is your neighbor? – Well I am!
Take care of those who have less than you do.

Cheers from Central Texas – Dennis

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