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In the last three days, I watch the older and the newer “The Day the Earth Stood Still” movie. The jest of the two movies was that the humans had been watched by their solar neighbors and have been found to be dangerous. In the older movie, a powerful robot was left on earth which could prevent wars. In the newer version, the humans (us) were not worthy to own the earth and were slowing destroying it and each other so we’re going to be removed.

I must agree with the earth’s solar neighbors. Humans for the most part look almost INSANE. It’s too bad that we don’t have any solar neighbors as it looks like we may indeed destroy humanity and the earth. From looking at what is happening now, we really don’t deserve this beautiful blue marble planet. Here is an example:

Nuclear-Weapons – Probably more than listed below:

  • China – About 350 total warheads.
  • France – About 290 warheads.
  • Russia – 4,495 nuclear warheads
  • United Kingdom– About 225 strategic warheads.
  • United States – 5,550 warheads
  • India –  Approximately 156 nuclear warheads.
  • Israel – An estimated 90 nuclear warheads, with fissile material for up to 200.
  • Pakistan – Approximately 165 nuclear warheads.
  • North Korea – Approximately 40-50 warheads.

So why do we need 11,481 nuclear warheads? How many times over could the earth be destroyed with that many? Hmmm – I think about 50 times! Is that not crazy or insane? Yes, I have heard what is being said over and over. THEY have them so WE need them.



OK, Humans, WE, and THEY are US!


It seems that humans have a yearning for death. Look at all the wars over the past thousands of years. There is something seriously wrong with humans. Very seriously wrong! It looks like we all seem to have a death wish. Humans all seem to all have a self-centered egotistical leaning. Most do not see how wonderful this earth is and we are. When things get tough, the self-centered things kick in. When things get tough, death kicks in. When things get tough, it is all about me, never about all of us. So we probably deserve what we are getting. We just let it happen and when it all goes bad, we all become collateral damage.

Personally I and probably you are tired of being collateral damage. See the problem, there is no US in this sentence. If all of US were tired of being collateral damage WE would not put up with it. Yes, as in brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers and aunts and uncles and finally as a global community. The problem is that we separate each other. Black, white, English, German, Catholic, Protestant. Labels, we are all labels. So we label everything.

Russian nuclear warheads, American nuclear warheads.

So I guess what those solar neighbors saw was that we were not humans, we were not brothers and sisters, we were just labels all fighting each other. What a crappy world we live in and it does not have to be that way.

Are you a label?

Dennis in Central Texas

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