Insanity of insanities

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utter folly; stupidity. Insane – Definition – Our current American political system in Washington.

Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. SEE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS BELOW:

We keep electing the same political hacks over and over and expect better and different results each time.

While you might agree with the above, the question remains: Is what is going on here in the US and globally really folly, insanity or stupidity? Or is it a planned methodical method to take down the world’s governments and bring in the Great Global reset?

If you have noticed that starting in 2020 up to now things here and globally have gone downhill. The downhills are the following:

The US went from exporting oil to importing Oil. As an old oil field worker and Formation Evaluation person who worked for Standard Oil and Chevron for many years, this is just crazy. I worked with the North Slope oil discoveries and spent many years working on the onshore and offshore oil field development in Louisiana. I spent many years as a Logging Engineer. I worked in geophysics and data processing on data from oil fields all over the planet. I can tell you with certainty that the present oil and gas shortages are MAN MADE. The reason? The reason is the INSANE GREEN AGENDA. In case you have not noticed, our unelected president said that we must put up with power blackouts to usher in green energy. What’s up with this? Simple, it is just a way to destroy the US. How? Simple, it is all about your bank account and energy prices. Only third-world countries (which we are becoming) have rolling power blackouts.

Then there is NATO and Russia. We can ship all our weapons to Ukraine along with billions of dollars in taxpayer dollars but have no baby food. All these billions only decrease the value of the US dollar and increase inflation. The also line the pockets of arms manufacturers and dealers.

I suspect that many Americans do not understand that the present Ukrainian government (soon to be destroyed) was nothing much more than a bunch of Western-supported thugs. Jeepers why would they know this? Yep there is pizza and beer and if you have enough money a chicken in every pot! Except many Americans are the chicken and the pot is heating up.

The Jab. Well, what can you say about the Jab? Depopulation shot. Clot Shot. Baby killer. Destroyer of the immune system. Destroyer of human fertility. Wow, what a really great list of really good end effects of taking the jab. Then there are the masks. I still see people wearing them in their cars by them selfs and walking outside. This makes me wonder if they wear them at home? The plandemic was a really great test of human stupidity. It was amazing how many billions of people just shut down everything. Follow the science many said. Look at what happened in Australia and Austria taken to insane limits. The stupidity of the plandemic gets an A+ and the Great Global Reset crowd found how easy it is to manipulate people. I could go on and on about this but I’ll let you do that If you want. Have you noticed that the common flu that kills over 60 thousand people every year disappeared after January 2020? Ya, it was the virus so take the Jab.

The Blame Game. This is the best I have ever heard up until now. It’s amazing and astounding. And if you swallow this then you are really amazing and would believe anything. I am not sure who said it as I have lost the URL, but it goes like this:

If Americans keep up their negative feelings about the economy, then they will be the cause of a huge collapse (as in a depression). Yep you heard that right, IT IS YOUR FAULT. Quit being so negative and stingy and spend every penny you have so things don’t go so bad.

Well you may have taken the Jab, so you might just believe this? My feeling is that even a pig would not eat the above garbage and my wife has a pet pig and I know what she feed him.

Fertilizer shortages and weed killer shortages. Yes, I realize that weed killers and chemical fertilizers are bad boys, but it is impossible to feed over 7 billion mouths without them. What better way to reduce the population then food shortages caused by reduced food production. Note, fertilizers are made from natural gas which there are no shortages of. We are shipping liquid natural gas to Europe because of our INSANE energy policies and Russin. Hey EU and others you are going to freeze and starve this winter because of NATO policies that is unless WORLD WAR 3 HAPPENS FIRST. Then there is fertilizer inflation. Hmm, no fertilizer and hugely inflated fertilizer prices. Think what that will do to food prices?

Gas and energy prices. They want to take away your hydrocarbon-fueled cars which are not green enough and cause global warming. We may need a GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE LOCKDOWN some globalists are saying. Only use your car on designated days. Could you imagine if everyone in the US could not use gas for cooking and all had a battery-powered car. Yes, and all the electrical power came from wind and solar. Yes, let’s turn on the AC-powered oven, plug in your battery-powered car, and turn up the AC. Ya, that will work. The answer of course is to have fewer people. I wonder if you heard that a Chevron executive said that because of Democratic green policies that there will never be any new refineries built in the US. Looks like the death of hydrocarbons.

Food Prices and availability. Well, this one should be personal to all Americans. I could probably not write anything about it as you have or will soon experience food prices and availability problems. When this gets really bad, it will be blamed on Russia. Have you noted that those in power always have a scapegoat or someone to blame for their failures? Have you heard that no one saw inflation getting as bad as it is now and will get much worse? Yes Sir (Mam) we just didn’t see it coming so it’s not our fault. All that huge trillions of dollars printed were needed especially in Ukraine and to pay people to stay home and not work. Also our politicians needed some additional cash. So don’t point fingers at us. Just EAT CHEAPER AND DRIVE LESS AND JUST STAY AT HOME. Also, don’t have any more children that you must feed. But then there is abortion. Food problems are pretty complex. but they’ll tell you that it’s Russia’s fault. I could write many paragraphs about what is causing food shortages, So here are a few. The Grand Solar minimum, Inflation, magnetic pole flip (Jet Streams going crazy), Russian conflict in the Ukraine, Poor weather. global shortages of fertilizer and weed killer. Global weather-related problems globally. Self-inflicted wounds caused by (insane) NATO countries. And then I suspect what grains we do produce will be sold to China as Americans starve. Do not expect there will be any carryover of grain in the coming year. It just won’t be there.

When will we return to what we thought was normal in 2019? The answer is never. Change, inflation and general destruction of anything considered to be normal will never return. The Great Global Reset globalist have pulled the trigger. It’s now or never. Get it done now or they will be coming for us with pitchforks. So the new normal will be chaos and destruction of everything we had back in 2019, It’s a new world, and you and I need to think differently. While we can look back fondly at what once was, we will soon have to deal with what is.

How do we get through all of this? First, don’t drink the cool aide. Get out of the system as much as possible. Get everything you need now as it will soon not be available. Read my last blog about family and community. Remember that God loves you and when this is all over it will be a new day. Evil must expend all its pent-up energy, then it will be all over for them. Be small, Hide from the enemy like in the Mishner book “The Source”. Get your spiritual life in order as well as your physical one. Remember it is just a short time here on this pretty blue planet and what comes at the end will be wonderful unless – well you know what happens to people who do not know how to love God and their neighbor.

Again and again I say, get some seeds and start a garden. Quit looking back all the time and see what that light in the tunnel really is. It’s not a train, it’s the Great Global Reset or worse. Remember you are an amazing creation and you can do amazing things if you only choose to. Choose to not go down that tunnel! Choose life and love as they are powerful things.

Note to readers. All the above are just my ideas and what I think. I am just some old guy that lives in Central Texas that likes Mexican food (Tex-Mex). I am also blessed with the most wonderful wife in the world who is worth more than rubies and gold. She has blessed my life and our home for more than 50 years. I have lived many years here in Texas and the best thing about Texas are its people, especially the Mexican / American population! Nothing would get done if they were not part of the energy of Texas. We have oil and gas energy, but people energy makes things run here.

Cheers and best of everything from Central Texas


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  1. Chuck

    We are blessed here in rural Iowa as well. There is a peace over this part of our nation that darkness can’t take away from us.

  2. Gary

    Always great thought provoking articles and of course I could not agree more.

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