Is the Earth Cooling?

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Well if you live in the North West and you are boiling hot and things are literally burning up and you are running out of water, the answer is no. Ya NO. During a Grand Solar Minimum, that’s just a normal thing. Unusually hot and very hot in some places and unusually cold and almost icy in others. Crop failures from heat and drought and crop failures from frost and icy conditions. The word here is unusual or not normal. The earth is at the moment living in an Ice Age called the Pleistocene. We at the moment are just coming out of a very warm period of the Pleistocene. After all this gets started, it will be downhill temperature-wise. The planet is cooling, and global warming is an agenda of control, so watch out where you get your news (agendas).

The latest I am hearing from the UN and other global mouthpieces are words like Climate lockdown and power grid attacks. Yes, they tried to lockdown the planet with the virus and face diapers, and now it’s climate lockdowns.

So, what is a climate lockdown? Well, it’s all about the planet burning up and your carbon footprint. It’s about your car and all that CO2. It’s all about carbon taxes and credits and what you eat. It will try to force you not to drive your car and take public transportation. It will take you off your land and move you into a really small house or apartment where they will control the electrical power consumption. Your refrigerator will be full of GMO and factory grown and produced food. You will CERTAINLY be vaccinated!

OK, so on with the cooling of today. Below is the next two-day forecast from Weather Bug. Ya, it cool this year in JULY in Central Texas. Try and tell me that is normal – Just try 🙂

On to Greenland. The snow and ice is stacking up, even during the normal melt season. Another up-tick for sure. Again what is normal? It will be interesting how all this turns out as time progresses.

How about our friends across the pond. Europe and North Africa look sort of cool too. It’s summer on this side of the planet, but it looks more like fall.

Then there is the US and Canada. it’s still boiling especially in BC but that will change soon to cool and cold. Just wait a while. As I talked about, it’s abnormally cool here in Central Texas, but as you go north, it’s in the ’50s in New York and go further north into Nort East Canada and you will find some snow. The graphic below if for July 7th. It’s all about Jet Streams so here is a good video from Electroverse on Jet Streams. Click HERE for the video. I would suggest that all my Blog followers sign up for Electroverse alerts.

Well, that’s all from this nice cool morning here. I’ll modify this post if more strange things happen which they probably will. So keep cool or warm depending on where you are on this planet. Please tell your friends and those CO2 heads out there about my blog.

I am thinking about what fall crops I will plant. Are you still a food slave? Well quit that and start a garden.

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