Is There Life In The City?

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The answer to the above question is that it depends.

Depends is a good word – “To be controlled or determined by“.

Life in the city will be determined By the following:

  • There is electrical power Top of the list
  • There is water available
  • You can get fuel for your car or truck
  • There is food available in the Just In Time food delivery system
  • There is Law and Order
  • It’s not really cold
  • Medical attention is available, 911 is working
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

Below is a video that makes me think of ants scurrying around going to who knows where and who knows what. The video is from Alex Powell – Pexels

Living here in Central Texas, I am seeing a lot of migration from mostly Democratic states and large cities. I just hope they don’t bring all their ideas with them. I am being surrounded by people purchasing 10-acre plots and building homes. I live out in the country, but that is slowly disappearing. Time to move?

One thing is probably for certain, and that is the grid will go down and I am thinkg soon.

It may go down if there is a software attack (hearing a lot of background noise about this) on the system or goes down forever if the dwindling magnetic field (23% or more down at the moment) of the earth allows the sun to hiccup in a big way.

If you are wondering about life in the city, see the Rules of the Grand Solar Minimum in the Blog Video section.

That’s all from Central Texas this morning (8:28 AM). If things catch my eye I may add more to this blog.

All the best – start that garden and GET OUT OF THE CITY


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