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I had a tough time getting this blog mapped out. The problem is how do you write something that most people do not know about or even think about will understand?

Most people see them selfs as children of this world. If you listen to what the world is telling you, then you are indeed a child of this world. It is this false understanding that has caused all the self-inflicted misery humans seem to think is normal. In reality, very few understand what their purpose in life is.

No, they think they are some label they have placed across their brows, and believe what that label means. Things like Democrat, Russian, American, Communist, or Muslim are some of the labels and beliefs. In reality, none of these things are the actual reality of our existence. In fact, they are a form of manipulation that has for centuries only led to war and death.

It’s the old us and them thing. When the actual reality of existence is only us!

This us and them thing is now being used by the globalist to manipulate the whole world. The communist CCP wants to destroy the US and kill every one of us. Nice Guys right? Putin who thinks he is a Communist wants to bring back the old soviet union which if you look back in history killed many millions of people. Look here in the US where most politicians and sleepy Joe who says he is Catholic thinks it is OK to kill millions of unborn children. If you notice closely, labels and beliefs mostly lead to suppression and death even for the unborn.

If you want to label something, then you must label this as insanity. We do it over and over with the same results. Death is the result and we repeat it hoping something new will pop up. It never will and never has.

Global reality is so far removed from the actual reality that it is breathtaking. It is so opposite that you could not create anything more opposite. They are Diametrically Different.

The amazing thing is that the real reality is so wonderful that it is not humanly possible to grasp the scope of it.

So, all of this brings up the question ” Why don’t we see this true reality”? The answer is that many have. The reason is that the real reality is hidden behind the vale of evil and darkness. It has always been there but is about to reach its peak as the globalists pull out their final evil plans to destroy the last bastion of liberty and freedom which is the US. Remember that the last bastion of liberty and freedom is not our elected officials who are evil to the core, but the true peace-loving people of America. So now we have the Ukraine invasion, yet Putin is a part of the same things our elected officials want. They are bedfellows as they want the same thing, but as you have noticed that they will play off Putin’s aggression just as they played off COVID. That is what is going on globally and that is the context of the Ukraine invasion and war. The globalist want a Global Reset and they will do anything they can do to make it happen. And all of us are their targets.

Creation and You

So now let’s think about the real reality. No, it’s not death but life to the fullest. It is the amazing life that God created when He created the universe and then you so He could place you in it. Just look across the vast reaches of our universe. Look at life here on earth. All of this was created just for you. You were what God was thinking about when He created everything. You, all of us are the focus of God’s creation and we are His ultimate creation. But that is just a very tiny tiny part of the actual reality!

That reality is not just physical things but something that is so amazing that there can be no end or limit to it. Yes, your creation has no limits or boundaries for you are bound up with the Creator who has no bounds or limits. But that is just the start because it is all about what we actually are. What we are is a soul created by the Great Author and Creator.

When the Creator made all of us He held back nothing. Absolutely nothing. Father the Creator wanted to give all of us all the most wonderful things He is. Things like immortality, intellect, free will, memory, and the ability to love and create. But that was just the start. His plan is to have this intimate fusion between the Creator and the created. In that fusion HE shares everything He has with each of us. Because HE is eternal, this sharing will go on forever. The Father wants to give us everything that is possible to give.

But it’s even more wonderful, for if we look at our immortal souls you will see that you are the breath of God. Therefore you are an intimate part of God. That is why I say that you are His ultimate creation as He gave Himself to create you. Think about that for a moment. Not only are you a part of the very thing that God is, but HE sent His only son to take on the form of a man just like you and shed his blood so we could regain what was lost by our original parents.

So what reality do you like? The false one or the real one?

So what does God get out of all this? It’s very simple, it is the completion and end of creation and the start of something much more wonderful. God only wants love in return. He can’t make you love him, and your love is His joy.

So what is the title of this blog “Joy Wisdom Knowledge” all about? Simple, it’s the joy you will receive when you have the wisdom and knowledge of who and what you are. And who and what you are (is your name) and you are a child of God.

Soon all this evil will reach its crescendo and when it’s all over, we will all live in the real reality for 1000 years. Hope to meet you there.

One other thing, Christ will return during those 1000 years, but only in our hearts much more intimately than now. Then at the end, Christ will (in person) come to judge the world.

Dennis in Central Texas

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  1. D. Spangler

    What I believe is the most important choice I make especially when it comes to the human condition. One of those choices is that it is alway about Jesus and being about the Fathers business. To share our lives and love with our neighbors, especially those that cannot help themselves, has given me purpose. Not that I have all the answers but I know nothing happens without His notice give me peace and joy.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts. I look forward to what God has plans next with anticipation and excited to discover what He has for me to do to share His love. Keep the faith and may God bless you and your family.

    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Hello D. Spangler
      Thank you for reading my blog. Yes, the primary commandment is to love God above all things and our neighborrs as we love our self. From this all other laws follow. Doing so will create great peace in our lifes. There is even a greater Joy, and that is to live in the will of Jesus. Then If we do that, we become the eyes, voice, hands, legs and feet of Jesus. Then He will go every place you do, and you can leave Him and take Him into places that He needs you too. Sadly most of the world does not even think these thoughts. God bless you and yours. Dennis

  2. charles

    Thank you for posting this on your blog. I am an early baby boomer and as such I am at a stage in my life where nothing else matters except getting up each day and communing with God. His presence in my life is all I need each day to make it through. How grateful I am for the peace and joy of knowing Him.

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