La Niña

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La Niña – means little girl, But don’t let the little part fool you as this is a screaming little brat and she will cause all sorts of cooling. It looks like this year is starting to be a La Niña year, as people who never heard of the Grand Solar Minimum scratch their heads. Of course, this La Niña will only enhance and add to the already cooling, snowy, and icy climate.

From Wikipedia (Global Agenda Control) is this description:
La Niña is an oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon that is the colder counterpart of El Niño, as part of the broader El Niño–Southern Oscillation climate pattern. The name La Niña originates from Spanish for “the little girl”, by analogy to El Niño, meaning “the little boy”.

Some Headlines for today July 9, 2021
From Electroverse – Rare July frost and record cold hit Minnesota. South American corn suffers due to “Unusual Cold” as additional polar blasts strike Australia and New Zealand.

America stockpiles: Supermarkets buy up to 25% more supplies as they predict inflation will soar and the cost of essentials like bacon and milk rising by up to 14% LINK

Comments for today
Well, I thought today’s forecast was for a high of 81 degrees F, but it looks like I may get a treat for July 9th. The forecast for today is 80 degrees F. Wow, if it were 1 measly degree less, it would be 79 in July. That’s global warming at its best. It looks like it will then warm up next week with highs in the LOW 90’s. Heatwave for sure.

I use the Weather Bug App on my Cell to track the weather. Generally, they are correct but my weather rock is better at times, I used to have a weather dog but that was years ago. If I opened the back door to let the dog out and if he refused, I then decided I didn’t want to go out as well.

I suspect you are monitoring the cost of food lately (If you eat), and perhaps are wondering when all this food inflation will stop here in the US. The answer is probably never,

It’s getting really nasty in the UK as the following headline shows. “ Rolling Shortages” of Food? UK’s Meat Tax & Food Riots The UK is now experiencing “rolling brownouts of food supply, Link It’s not what you may be thinking though. But as crop failures in the UK and EU intensify, this will only make things worse for the UK.

The UK is the test subject (Platform) for global domination IMHO, so what goes down there is going to arrive here in the US shortly. It looks like a lot of people are “Dumb as Rocks” to put up with all this. Yes, I know you are not the bad, hurtful inappropriate word “DUMB”. I suspect most of my readers (especially UK readers) are not. After thinking about what I have just written, It really gets down to this: “Most People are afraid to do anything“.

Be revolutionary
So if you want to be really revolutionary, then Start Growing Your Own Food. Don’t be a food slave. Get your food from your backyard, not the local grocery store. Think about the huge amount of money you would save. Get three or four chickens which are a good source of protein (eggs dude not the chickens). Grow crops that store for the long term like winter squash, beans, and potatoes.

OK, that’s enough for July 9th. Don’t let what is happening in this world and the Grand Solar Minimum get inside your head and cause gridlock. The blog will continue to report the good and bad, but with a positive outlook, That’s why I named this site The Grand Solar Minimum Prepper. Prepping means getting ready for anything that may be headed our way. Keep Tuned

Dennis in Central Texas (Brrrr it’s 80 outside) 🙂

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