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Creation. What is creation? And are there parts to creation? Only God can create. There are probably parts of creation we don’t even know about. But we do know about the end of creation. That is what this blog is about and as always, what I write is my opinion and as we are not all perfect I could be easily wrong about anything I write. So what is the end of creation and what is the last part of creation?

First of all, creation is the will of God. If we read the bible, we see that humans are not the only creature God created. God created angels, and other beings. As with all creations (not physical creation) free will is involved. What good would be a robot that is programmed and has no free will? As we can see, even angels had free will, as Lucifer and his minions all had free will and when their own way. There was a war in heaven and as the story goes, the fallen angels were cast down to the earth. From all of this, it looks like creation has been going on for a long time, but with the arrival of Jesus, we can see the end. The end of creation will be the physical return of Jesus and the last judgment. The wicked and the just will be separated for eternity. The wicked to their eternal punishment and the just to their eternal reward. What eternal reward is all about is the subject of another blog.

So what is the last part of creation? It will be a wonderful time and Jesus will rule not in His physical body but in the minds and wills of man. Getting to this last part is the problem and the discussion of this blog. When will this last part of creation start? It may be as quick as four or five years from now. The last part of creation will last a thousand years. The timeline could be the following:


The Now WORLD:

As I have written before, we live in interesting and sadly very dangerous times. At the very moment as I write this (May 9th. 2022 7:02 PM CST) the world sits at a pivot point. All the things that many of us have enjoyed and really never even gave a thought about are at this pivot point. Perhaps only 20% of the world’s population even knows this. If we live in the world right now, things seem to be OK. Yes, there is inflation and all kinds of crazy things happening. Strangely, it looks like the Great Global Reset Team is using the Russian – Ukraine thing to actually destroy those who think they are hurting Russia with all the sanctions. They will tell you if things are bad, then it’s because of Russia. If there is no gas or food and everything is expensive it’s Russia’s fault. If you think this is crazy, just look at what the US government is doing right now. Just look at what European countries are telling their citizens. I just returned from the grocery store and yes there was food there. Some things were in short supply but overall the shelves were not completely empty. Yes, it was there but hugely more expensive than say a year ago. My observation is there is more and more useless things and less food available. Plenty of those fuzzy top ballpoint pens and less and less Pasta. Need a paper box or a dog bed? Yep, you can get those. The canned chicken was almost wiped out, and the pasta has not recovered in the last six to eight months. Just wait until this fall. It takes wheat to process into pasta and you had better get it now while it’s available or you can afford it. As I walked through WallMart today there were rows and rows of useless things. Huge amounts of toys and good ole summertime things. All stacked six feet high and ready to be put on shelves. Back in the food section things were not that way.

In previous blogs, I said that I thought we only had one year left of things as they are now, and then it will all end. We are now looking at a global financial crash and a depression on a global scale that will make the one in the 1930s almost desirable. Some very horrible things took place during the last depression but what is coming will be much worse. The problem is that almost no one is preparing for anything and for that matter even knows how to prepare. Yes, we are living in THE NOW.


Ya sure Lucifer does not exist. The world is doing just great and everyone loves each other. Yes, man will finally figure out why we have been killing each other for the past four thousand years and then everything will be just wonderful. There will be a chicken in every pot and Pizza and beer for everyone. You will have that new cell phone where you can keep up with those very important and highly entertaining movie stars.

The only problem is that in perhaps one year from now all this will cease and then the whole world will be living in the three and a half years of hell on earth. This is the final test. Most will probably fail the test and sell their souls for a bit of food. They will be amazed when they find out that there is no food as the earth will not provide any. And the father of lies will only laugh as most will find out that they are facing eternity in hell.

I have a blog about these three and a half years HERE. I would suggest that you read the PDF I have provided. It is a thing that nightmares are made of.

At the end of the three and a half years, hell on earth will end. For those who sold their souls, it will just be the start of hell. The antichrist will be thrown into the pit of fire for eternity. Satan will be locked up for a thousand years, and then the three days of darkness will start. The angel of death will be released upon the earth and will seek out those who have sold out to the antichrist and Satan. It will be a terrifying time and during this period, no one should go outside or even look outside.


After the three days of darkness, those who have lived in the will of Jesus and have not taken the mark will awaken to a new fresh world. The earth will be renewed. It will be like a springtime of freshness. It will be the new Eden. A wonderful world in no need of cellphones. TV, social media, or anything else. It is an amazing thing that is desired by Jesus. He wants us to live in this new world and the only way to do that is to replace your will with His. While we will still have a fallen nature, we will be a new person. Evil will be a thing of the past. Humanity will have a new intimate relationship with Jesus. Jesus will rule in the hearts of His children. The earth and all of creation will give up its perfection and treasures. Humanity will then replace the billions of souls lost to Satan. Those who live in this period could have lifetimes of hundreds of years. Diseases will not exist for the most part. Like in the original Eden, food will be there for the taking. At the end of the thousand years, man will return back to his old ways. Satan will be released from prison once more but for only a short period. Then the end will come and Jesus who has ruled in the minds of men for a thousand years will come physically for the final judgment.

For those who have lived in the will of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, things will just be starting. God is three distinct persons but united as God in one will. It is the same will that Jesus is offering you right at the moment you read this. It’s a free amazing gift. It is the gift that will allow all of us who have fallen in sin to once more gain Eden, just like our original parents. You can now start that amazing trip to Eden by replacing your will with the divine will of Jesus. In the coming years, things will not be easy.

We can make it through what is coming and we may not. If we die while living in the divine will of Jesus, we will have gained what we should all be striving for. That striving is to live in the kingdom of God.

You and I are an incredible creation of God. We were created in His image and likeness. No other creature was created that way. When God made us He made us with all the most wonderful things He is. What a horrible waste of a soul to spend eternity away from our Creator who loves us intensely.

I can only imagine what eternity will be like for those who love God. Just think about it. God is our everything and because of this, HE is our only thing. Everything that has ever been created, He created just for us. For those who love Him, He is willing to give us everything He is. If this s true, then we need to understand how wonderful we are. We are God’s glory. We are the best thing that HE ever created. Please do not waste this eternal gift that the Trinity wants to give us. We can start now by replacing our will with the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Now is the time to prepare for what is coming. Prepare first by living in the divine will of Jesus. Then prepare for all the physical things you will need. There is little time left. Few know what is coming and you are one of the lucky ones. Try to not live in THE NOW WORLD but in your own world. A world where Jesus is your King, Lord, and Savior.

Note, what I have written above is what I believe. Please do your own thinking. Consider whether what I have written is wrong or way off. There is one thing you can be sure of, and that God loves you. That you can take to the bank!

Best of everything from Central Texas – Dennis

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    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Well you cant have it both ways. I suspect that all of us when we leave this earth get one last chance. Their are no sinners in heaven. If dying on the cross and all the pain of that act by jesus is not love I am not sure what is. It all boils down to free will. God created free will for you and I out of love. It is our choice how we use it. God never stops loving all his creations. Eternal torment is a choice not a punishment. Thanks for commenting as very few do.

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