Life after the kill shot

Kill shot from the Sun!

When I view the above picture, My first thoughts are “YA I AM CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING” Only a stupid human would believe that!

The kill shot (CME) that takes down the planets electrical grid is much worse than a bullet from a gun, as it is a bullet that will have implications for everyone on this planet, From the looks of what has just happened on the sun, the earth is very lucky. See the Youtube video below. I would also suggest that you subscribe to this channel.

See this Youtube URL

As I have talked about, the earth’s magnetic fields are weakening by the month. These fields are our protection from harmful radiation. They also protect our power grid to some degree from solar CME’s (small ones). There are ways to protect our power grids from a CME, but this is not being done to any extent so that leaves you and I and especially the US population vulnerable to a permanent grid-down situation.

If the CME is large enough, it won’t matter where you live on this planet as we are talking magnetic fields, and the whole earth is surrounding by them. When a large CME hits the earth, the whole globe becomes part of this impulse which induces large current and voltage spikes into anything conductive especially wires and transformers. These large spikes come into your house via your electrical connection. Even if your equipment is disconnected, these induced spikes can fry delicate electronic equipment. If the CME is large enough it can cause electrical fires in buildings and homes.

The grid is most vulnerable because it is so exposed, as our high and even low voltage power distribution spans hundreds and even thousands of miles. The lines are connected to large and small power transformers which step up and down voltages in the system. Some of these transformers are so large and complex that it would take a year just to manufacture one. If the global grid goes completely down, the system will never be brought up as it takes power and materials and people who eat to make them. It’s all over at that point and the whole earth will then live in a pre-electrical world.

I probably don’t have to tell you what this means. I shudder when I think about the implication of a complete grid failure. Can civilization live through such a thing? The answer is yes, but very few. How many people would survive if there were no food to be purchase. How about all the tractors with damaged computer chips that would never start again? How about no water coming into your house? How about some of the life-saving drugs people need? How about you having no transportation like your car or truck won’t start and even if it did, the gas stations have no power.

How about all the social unrest this would cause. Soon all those social people on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube would become very anti-social. It would become a world of survival of the fittest. Only remote preppers far away from the cities would survive. Large population areas would melt down into evil cesspools of humanity. The weak would be stripped of everything by the strongest and most evil. Now you may understand why I often tell you to get out of the city.


Watch the Youtube video I have placed above for you to view. Get set in your mind as in think about it what you would do if this happens. It will eventually happen, its just a matter ofr time and dumb luck, The day your lights go out forever is the day your prepping ends and survival begins. Will you be the one in 10 who makes it?

Think hard and often are you ready?

Thats all for this blog now. I am wishing all of you all the best.

Get Some seeds
Start a garden
Love your family and your neighbors
Share your excess with those who are in need
Start prepping now

Dennis in Central Texas

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