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Listen up to what is being said. You may have heard that the globalist must tell everyone what they will do before they do it. So here are a few “Tell you what we will do” sort of things.

President Biden Says Food Shortages are “Gonna Be Real” Sleepy Joe may be speaking to people who are not there, but he is a repeater of what the New World Order is up to. Just reading from the script.

War in Ukraine could plunge the world into food shortages. National Geographic.

Hunger in America could get worse as supply chains tighten. CNN if you can believe anything out of CNN’s mouth.

Global Food Crisis: Expert Warns of Shortages Amid Spiraling Costs for Farmers. BREITBART. Fertilizer and weed killer shortages are causing all sorts of problems for farmers.

Beijing Residents Scramble To Stockpile Food, Essentials As New COVID Outbreak Detected. ZeroHedge

Can Corn Really Hit $10 This Year? ($8.00 now) Traders and Farmers Already Bet 90 Million Bushels It Will. AG Web.

World Bank Chief Warns Of Food Crisis Due To Russia-Ukraine Conflict. ZeroHedge

Rockefeller Foundation President Starts Countdown Until All Hell Breaks Loose. “Shah provides what could be a timeline for the next global food crisis that could begin “in the next six months.” ZeroHedge

IMF Warns of ‘Unrest’ amid Looming Global Food Crisis. The IMF has issued a warning regarding looming global food shortages, saying that vulnerable nations are at risk of civil unrest amid supply issues. Neon Nettle

INSANITY! — Canadian Feds target cereals as a major greenhouse gas. Ag Canada says cutting such emissions is critical because the federal government wants to reduce fertilizer-related emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The Western Producer.

Well, these are just a few of the things that point to food shortages. I suspect by year’s end there will be even worse headlines. Here in Texas, wheat is a nonarrival this year and also for most of the western United States. Takes water to grow things. Also with the fertilizer shortages, there will not be as much corn grown this year as corn needs large amounts of fertilizer to be really productive. Also, a weed killer is used to kill weeds between cornrows, and there is a shortage of that as well. You say so what about corn, but there are thousands of things that contain corn and corn products in the grocery store. Same with wheat. So if there is less corn and wheat, then there will be huge increases in any of the products that use them.

It finally rained here yesterday, we received 1 1/4 inch of rain which is really nothing to talk about. My garden liked it, but with the north wind blowing like crazy it will dry out quickly. It has been really cool this April, and cloudy as well.

If you wait much longer and do not start growing your own food, it will be too late. I have been at it for many years, and at the very moment, if I had to feed myself with the food I am growing, I could, but it is not easy to grow enough food to feed one’s self. It gets even harder to grow enough to feed a family. In my case, I am looking at three families, and most of them still think I am crazy. I suspect by summer’s end they will be thinking differently. It would have been nicer if I had all that extra work from them a couple of years ago.

Also, if you do not have any garden tools, you had better get them now. If you have been watching China lately, they are almost completely shut and locked down. Nothing is coming out of China, and many of the things in places like Walmart and Home Depot will not be available soon. In China, they are actually destroying food and preventing farmers from working in the fields. It’s total madness what is happening there and all of this may be coming our way soon.

The Great Global Reset is on its way. There have been around 24 food processing and storage plants burned down lately. Also fertilizer plants. The government is paying farmers not to grow food, and they are killing chickens by the millions. It’s all a setup but again there is the beer and pizza still out there, and most of the mushroom Americans do not see what is coming. They are coming to starve us for sure. If you can grow food, you better do it soon. If you can get some cheap land, I would suggest you do that as well. Trains have shut down the delivery of fertilizers and animal feed. If you cannot see this as planned, I am not sure if you ever will.

We are at war with Russia, and if this keeps up, we may be in the middle of a nuclear war soon. I am not sure that it is possible to prep for a nuclear bomb next to your house. The Democratic party that is running things is an absolute bunch of crazy people.
Get going with your garden and be sure to get your seeds/ As I said above, get your garden tools. If you can, convert your yard into a garden. Get some land or start a community of like-minded people.

Cheers from Central Texas – Dennis

  1. Ctrain

    Here in Iowa we live in area where people are already self sufficient but people here are aware of the need to be even more prepared than they have been. I’m so grateful God allowed us to move here a year ago and escape the craziness of the big city life we lived in for so long.

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