Magnetic Pole Flip

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The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic pole flip.

OK, what happens when the magnetic fields of the earth flip? This is something that happens over time. As the flip happens, the fields weaken. These fields are the Earth’s protective magnetic fields or shields. These magnetic fields are what shield us from harmful space radiation which can damage cells, cause cancer, and fry electronic circuits and the electrical grids. Earth’s northern magnetic pole is moving quickly away from the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia. And the Earths southern pole has left the continent of Antarctica.

As a side note about poles:

Remember that the magnetic field at the physical North Pole is actually the magnetics field South Pole. It is the same for the physical South Pole where the magnetic field is actually the North Pole. Confusing right? But now you know and few others do.

To insert a part of the last blog:

And finally this monster that is seldom discussed and masked off from people.

When will the waning (weakening) earth’s magnetic field get to its tipping point of rapid acceleration which will or could be an extinction level event happen? At present, we are probably looking at a 25% reduction level. At the rate this is falling we presently may be looking at 5% per every 10 years. As above, there is probably a point that this could change to 10% or even 20%. Then society as we know it as well as the financial system will have no meaning. To but a tag on the above

Magnetic Pole Flip

 To ignore this or to minimize all the above is to put your life and the lives of those you love in danger.

So what will the consequences of a weakening magnetic field? The major one will be a grid down situation. When – not if this happens, society as we know it will be destroyed. Government estimations state that no more than 90 million of the over 350 million Americans will be alive in a year after this happens. You could easily apply the same logic to the world’s population or 2.5 billion people possibly surviving.

Not a pretty picture as it will be a subsistence existence. Existing is the operative word. No parties, cell phones, social media and pizza and beer. No cars, electronics, electricity, medical supplies or anything you hold dear at this time. You and hopefully your community will be able to get through this. Your stored food will run out and you will need to grown your own and purify your own water. When its hot and cold you will be as well. Only the prepared MIGHT survive this. Depending on how bad the grid down is, civilization will not recover from a bad one for hundreds of years. but it gets worse, much worse.

  • The coming of the Grand Solar minimum.
  • Food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.
  • Financial breakdowns.
  • The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic pole flip.
  • The Chinese virus.
  • The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans.
  • The fall of the United States.
  • The great global reset.
  • The continued genetic manipulation of humans.
  • The illumination of souls.
  • Christians hiding from persecution and living in refuges.
  • The complete collapse of everything.
  • The great delusion.
  • Mark of the beast.
  • Persecutions of humans by Satan and his Minions.
  • Three days of darkness and the casting of all evil into hell.
  • The triumph of the Divine will of Jesus and His mother – You do love your mother don’t you?
  • A new age of peace that will last 1000 years.
  • All humans living the will of God and the completion of the “Our Father”.
  • Satan will be released back upon the earth for a very short time.
  • Then the end will come.
  • Final Judgment.
  • Infinite rewards for those who love God

And its gets worse, much worse. Its called a Micro Nova. Ill cover that in the next blog. So when does it get really bad? That will be determined on how fast our magnetic fields decline. The fast tipping point could occur in the next two or so years or so but there is no way of knowing at this time. It is speeding up so be aware of that. When all this happens the earth will not be a safe place. I would suggest that you start planning now.

Dennis in Central Texas

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