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Micro Nova is a couple of words not spoken together very often. For many, this may be the first time looking at this combination.

Micro – anything extremely small in scope or capability.

Nova – a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually fades to its original intensity.

A Nova would destroy the earth, but when you put the word Micro in front of it it becomes what happens every 10 to 13 thousand years to the sun. It looks like we are due for one soon (25 years), and the fact that the earth’s magnetic fields are waining is a heads-up moment for this coming event.

You might call this a cosmic event. It is also a cycle, a 10 to 13 thousand year cycle. So there is nothing strange in galactic time to this event. It’s just a wild and unthinkable thing to humans especially if you are alive during one of these events. It’s also not an end-of-the-world event as you are now reading what I am typing right now. The earth has seen many of these events and the earth and us humans are still here. I suspect that one is a human-culling event especially if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. The universe and our star and even our earth are all wrapped up in cycles. There is the 11-year solar cycle. There are cycles of seasons. Hot and cold and warm and cool seasons. Our climate is a cycle or season. Ice ages come and go. We are now in one of the warmer periods of the ice age. Mostly the cycle is a cold and icy one.

Climate Change? Yes, the climate is always changing, and it’s not you – you little small human. It’s a gigantic universal cycle of life and is always changing. Most humans cannot see this great cycle as our lives are short when compared to the life and cycles of the universe.

So what is a Micro Nova? To understand that we will need to understand that what runs and controls the universe is not gravity but a monstrous force called the electrical universe. Yes, it’s electrical and also magnetic and deals with plasma which is the most conductive thing in an electrical world. Our sun is a plasma sun powered by ribbons of electrical current and magnetic fields. These currents call Birkeland currents areĀ a set of currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines. These field lines or ribbons connect and power everything in the universe. Our sun is connected to one of these ribbons.

Our sun lives and is situated in the Milkyway galaxy. Our galaxy is also powered by these currents and as our galaxy spins, there is a huge cyclic current sheet created. Our sun and all the suns in our galaxy go through this cyclic wavy current sheet.

In the case of our sun, that cycle takes 10 to 12 thousand years. Once during this cycle, our sun becomes overpowered and exhales this extra energy in the form of a Micro Nova. This exhaling bombards the earth with huge amounts of radiation causing the earth to do unbelievable things. I have covered all of this before in one of my blogs:

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Also, download and read the “Adam and Eve Story”. If you really want to get into all this up to your chin, go to this URL and view all the videos on this subject here:


So why am I repeating this to some degree? The reason is that much of the crazy weather we are experiencing and will experience in the future will be a part of the Grand Solar Minimum and sorrowfully a part of the pole flip of the earth’s magnetic field. To end it all will be the Micro Nova. But and there is always But when the Micro Nova hits, the earth will be in a horrible state to start with. It will be a cool earth with little food and no electricity. There may only be 2 billion people alive and a Micro Nova may lower that to 500 million.

Am I a gloom and doomer or what? But and here is another but.

It is possible that God (Jesus) will intervene in what will happen. We are now facing the end of an age. It will be an evil end as is described in the bible.

Evil will play out the energy it has been collecting for thousands of years. In the end, at the very end, the Divine Will merged with perhaps your and my will defeats this evil. All evil will be removed from the earth and a new and fresh beginning will start and last a thousand years. A Micro Nova will not happen and the earth will be in harmony with man once again. We will all become new Adams and Eves. Jesus will rule in the minds and actions of his children once again.

Dennis in Central Texas

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  1. Torsten Gunkel

    Hello Denis,

    first time I heard from David Dubyne from Adapt2030 about the 12068 years cycle, investigated by Doug Vogt (youtube cannel The Diehold Foundation)

    I have seen that videos , most of them 2 or 3 times, and in the beginning all sounds so crazy that it was hard to believe. But Mr. Vogt has very hard prooves for some things he talked about and they cannot be ignored. Have you seen that videos and are you informed about the theory ?

    What is your opinion ?

    Best regards

    Torsten Gunkel

    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Hello Torsten
      Thanks for commenting as so many do not. Yes I have watched the video on what Mr. Vogt has talked about. I wish there was more but as you said, nothing on YouTube. Yes, I think he is correct. Not only about the results from the Moon, but from many other reseachers. Also the Adam and Eve Story. Yes at first it sounds crazy, but after I finally realized we live in an electrical / magnetic universe and our sun is nothing but plasma, it’s not so strange. My main reason for thinking that this 12,000 year cycle is correct is our magnetic field is weakening and is heading for a pole flip. Also the color (temperature ) of the sun has changed. If you think about what powers the sun (Birkeland current) then the sun micronova which releases excess energy seems reasonable. This excess energy is caused by a trip through the galactic current sheet (wave peak). I certantly hope this is not true, but I suspect we will see earth changes that will confirm this. We may not have to worry about this as the weakening magnetic field may allow a large xflare from the sun to destroy our power grid. Doom and Gloom I guess but I think its all true. Best of every thing from Central Texas – Dennis

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