Micro Nova in the future?

The Earth Turned Over

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Isaiah 24 Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

Is there a Micro Nova in the future? Well, I would hope not, but there is not much we can do about what the universe wants to do as we are but ants here on the earth. So what causes a micro nova?

Our Solar System is a member of our galaxy we call the Milky Way. Our little home is situated on the outer rim of our galaxy. Our galaxy and the whole universe is made up of plasma and magnetic fields and electrical current. The galaxy we live in is very active and rotates over time. This rotation creates a rippling current sheet. See the graphic below.

So our Sun and all the planets pass through this rippling galactic current sheet every 10,000 years or so. It looks like we are heading for one of the peaks at this very moment. So what would cause the sun to Micro Nova as it passes through this peak every 10,000 years or so? There are two things. The first is that the sun is energized (also our planets) when it passes through the peak of the ripple. The other thing that happens is that there is more dust and matter at the peaks. This also modifies the electrical system of our local stars and planets. At some point, the sun will need to expel all this additional energy and matter. It does that when it Micro Novas and expels not only light but Xrays and other energetic particles and solid matter. When this happens, the earth is blasted with heat and radiation. It’s so intense that it melts the ice caps, starts fires, and vaporized the earth’s water. Then later, huge amounts of solid matter hit the earth. If you are lucky, you will not be facing the sun when it sheds all this excess energy. At that point, the earth’s subsurface becomes slippery by all the added energy and moves. The poles rotate to the equator. The earth now has a new north pole. All the ice that slipped to the equator melts and we go into an instant ice age. At this point, the earth stops rotating for almost a day. The problem is that the oceans do not, and slosh over all the continents devastating everything. This sloshing goes back and forth. In only a few places do humans survive. All this happens every 10,00 years or so.


Also every 10,000 years or so, the earth’s magnetic fields flip. This flipping is probably caused by our solar system going through the peak of the galactic current sheet. At the moment, that is exactly what is happening. Also, many of our sister planets and stars are doing strange things as well. The earth’s magnetic fields at the moment are down by almost 25%.

So it looks like that we are headed for a Micro Nove perhaps in the next 40 or so years! To get a heads up, watch what the earth’s magnetic fields are doing. Ouch!

That is all for this blog. It is entirely possible to survive a Micro Nova, but that will take prepping and planning, and watching what our sun is doing. It’s almost the end of the world, but not quite!

Cheers – Dennis – Central Texas

Added Comment: Before the sun micro novas, it should be doing some really strange things. As I blogged about in the magnetic pole shift. When the magnetic pole shift allows the sun to take down our power grids, humans will be living in a destroyed world as few will survive as they have no idea how to grow food or much else in a world without electricity. The micro nova is just icing on top of the cake! What are your skills on a powerless planet?

Bet there is no App for that!


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