My Best Vegetable Seed Company

Time to plan and time to grow – It’s a wonderful cycle

My Best Vegetable Seed Company

My Best Vegetable Seed Company is almost a work of love. Well, a love for seeds that is. Every time I plant a seed and watch it germinate and then grow into something I can eat, I am amazed. I have been growing my own food for years, and before that my wife was the farmer every place we moved. When we moved onto our little farm about 15 years ago, I took it on myself to start growing food on the land. Then it was chickens and turkeys. Finally, it became two greenhouses, hydroponics, and eventually a microgreen business. In those fifteen years, I have used and purchase a lot of seeds.

To be honest, in those 15 years, I have come across many OK seed providers but as I eventually was purchasing 50-pound sacks of seed, I had to choose the “Best Vegetable Seed Company” that I would be happy with and never worry about things like quality. I will talk about that company below, so please stay with me.

Why it is important to purchase your vegetable seeds now

If you have been to the grocery store lately, then you have noticed that the price of food items is skyrocketing with what seems to have no end in sight. Also with the Covid lockdown, more and more people are starting gardens. Last year (2021) there was a huge influx of first-time gardeners which along with the virus overloaded many seed suppliers. I visited some last year, and some had so many orders that they shut down taking any orders. As you can imagine that didn’t go so well if you need seeds for a business. I probably visited about 8 seed suppliers in 2021 and many but not all were having problems with fulfilling orders or were out of stock on some seeds, especially tomatoes. My favorite one while they were fulfilling huge numbers of orders never failed to get me what I needed. I predict that this will get worse very soon as food will come at a premium price.

Recommended seed types

The following are my recommendations for seed cultivars and types. First, I would recommend that you only purchase heirloom and hybrid types of seed and no GMO! I absolutely love hybrid seeds because of their performance as hybrid seeds have always provided the quantity and quality we need as my Daughter-in-law sells at Farmer Markets. On the other hand. I love the old stand-by seeds that I and my wife have used for many years. In those 53 years of marriage my wife always had a garden. If you are a seed-saving type, then heirloom or non-hybrid seeds are what you will want.

Recommended Vegetable Types

Obviously, everyone likes tomatoes. If I started a list that could be huge. Also, where you live will determine what you grow in the spring, summer, fall, and winter so I won’t bore you with a long list. My recommendation is to grow what you like. I tried to feed my kid’s beets years back and that did not work as you can imagine. Personally, I absolutely love beets. Choose vegetables for the area you live in and have good results. In some places, the seasons are too long or too short for a particular vegetable. Also, think about healthy choices. I love kale and eat a lot of it in salads, soups, and anything I can use it in. I also love sprouts and microgreens which are nutrient-dense and very healthy. Next, come storage. Choose vegetables that are easily put up as in canning or frozen or can just sit there and be eaten months later like Waltham Squash and many other types of winter squash come to mind. Obviously, I may be preaching to many seasoned backyard growers and may laugh about what I have written, but please have mercy on those who are just starting out.

The Plan

If you have grown your own food, you know this, but if you are just starting here is how to look at vegetable growing. Eat short-term vegetables like tomatoes, greens (early spring) and store vegetables like winter squash, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage for winter consumption. Freeze or can as much as possible in the spring, summer, fall, and winter for later use. This is my outlook, and yes there are all kinds of ways to grow your own food. This is just mine. To sum it up – Like a big fat squirrel in my back yard, Eat and Store.

My Best Vegetable Seed Company

Here is what a “Best vegetable Seed Company” would be like:

  • Quick Shipp[ing
  • Free shipping
  • Good customer Service
  • Good seed selection
  • Single packet and bulk seeds – See more on this below.
  • Good prices
  • Sprouting and microgreens seeds and equipment
  • Loads of growing information
  • Have been in business for a long time. like 40 years +
  • Trusted by many backyard farmers
  • Have a cat! – Yes a cat.

Here is a good tip for saving money. If at all possible, purchase bulk seeds. The best way to do this is as a group if possible. There are huge savings when purchasing bulk seeds. Then you can weigh out the seeds, pass them out and probably have enough for the next three years. If you seed save, then you may be fixed for life. Obviously, you can’t purchase bulk seed for everything, but for your favorite, that might be a good idea. Actually, I love the small seed packets which make available seed types I may have tried before. Fun – Fun.

My Best Vegetable Seed Company

Below is “MY Best Vegetable Seed Company“. They are trusted and highly recommended by me. I have used them for years and they have earned my trust. While I may be a bit different from most backyard growers as I have purchased thousands of dollars of seeds at times because of my business, I also use them for my outside and greenhouse growing. As I stated above, we also sell starts and vegetables at our local farmers’ market.

True Leaf Market is that company and they also have a cat!

Taylor the “True Leaf” Warehouse Cat

From the True Leaf website

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We choose only the best garden seed for our growers, including favorite heirloom, Non-GMO, and organic varieties that produce results year after year in well-fertilized soil, and gardens. We are constantly expanding our lineup of available choices of many of the hard-to-find garden seed varieties that can be harvested for great family meals. Our garden seed inventory includes vegetable seeds that grow in climates with a short growing season, are drought-resistant, or are not prone to growing diseases.

I could jam thousands of pictures from the True Leaf website, but for the best experience visit their website HERE. Their site is easy to navigate (User Friendly) and I am amazed at the variety of products that the home grower or professional grower has available. From vegetables, flowers, microgreens, and sprouting seed, True Leaf have it all. It is a one-stop gardening bonanza!

If you are a new or an old seasoned gardener, you will want to check out their section on Complete Step-by-Step Grow Guides. This is an amazing supply of educational materials that can be used by anyone who puts a seed into the ground.

Thanks for reading my blog post on True Leaf. Please visit their store and be amazed at what they have for those who love nature, food, flowers or just green things. I would love to hear your personal story if you use them or have used them.

Cheers from Central Texas – Dennis

My recommendations:

Get some Seeds from True Leaf
Share those seeds
Start a garden and share your produce
Help others who have never started a garden get started
Look after your family and friends with good healthy vegetables
Share your excess veggies with those who have less than you.

The True Leaf family and Team – The reason for good service

Check out the reviews

Quality and Service are Great!
Reviewed. on 12 Aug 2021review stating Quality and Service are Great! Absolutely love buying seeds from True Leaf! Great quality and great customer service! Would recommend it to anyone!

I needed my speckled peas
Reviewed on 12 Aug 2021review stating I needed my speckled peas: needed my speckled peas fast and I got them fast.

Reviewed on 9 Aug 2021review stating Fantastic!I’m new to growing microgreens and was anxious to try red garnet amaranth after watching On The Grow youtube channel recommend your seeds. Decided to try it even tho it didn’t seem very beginner friendly. I am sprouting my second tray. It’s wonderful! Your cabbage microgreen seeds are also doing much better in less time than another microgreen kit Read more about review stating Fantastic! that is supposed to be foolproof. I’m sold- you have a customer for life!

There are hundreds and hundreds of more reviews. Go there to read some.

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