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Check out my new video page. Just click on the menu item “Blog Video” at the top of this page. I have posted a few of the videos I have made and placed them there for you to view if you wish.

As the month of July goes by, the weather here in Central Texas is staying a bit crazy. In years past, July was and had been the really warm start to summer. This year, June was quite cool, and July is strangely cooler than what I would call normal Central Texas weather. Also, it has started to be a wet month as I have received over 4 inches of rain the past two days. For the next 10 days, rain is forecast.

With all this very strange weather, I am thinking that Fall will arrive a month early? It’s only speculation, so we will have to wait to see.

Also, this year in Central Texas and in other places globally, this is the year of the Grasshopper infestation. These crazy hoppers pretty well ate all of my outside gardens.

There weren’t just a few either, there were easily thousands of them, At the moment the larger ones are mating so there will be plenty more this year and perhaps in the spring again. I am glad I have a greenhouse, but some have made it into the greenhouse as well.

From out in Cyber Space I am hearing things like huge wheat harvest failures in the future, and that the Scatachawan wheat harvest will be almost nonexistent this year. Also, it looks like winter in the southern part of our planet is shaping up to be a record one.

As you probably guessed, it’s all part of the Grand Solar Minimum. If you realize that, then nothing you hear about how bad things are or how bad they are getting will surprise you. In fact, you have what I would call a SHORT Period of “Heads Up“. So don’t waste it. Prepare now while there is a little diminishing time left. See the video “The Rules of the SGSM” video.

That’s all for this short post. I am working hard to flesh out this new blog. Remember to sign up for a no-spam email every time I post a new blog.

Wishing you the best from Central Texas.

Get some seeds, start a garden and grow your own food – Don’t be a food slave.


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