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Not a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood – No Mr. Rodgers


In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says to her dog at one point, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” 

I suspect what is going on in Ukraine, has caused China to tell the US that it will pay a “heavy price” for its attempts to show support to Taiwan’s independence. So they could indeed use the Ukraine example against Taiwan as an excuse. Also, the Chinese are demanding that the US remove Nukes from South Korea which they term  “unacceptable” and it is time for those weapons to be removed.

Officials in Taiwan and the US say that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drawn fresh attention to China’s threat to forcibly annex Taiwan which they say is part of China.

Is the US a failing state? As I stated in one of my podcasts, I have seen a reduced supply of pasta here in my local Walmart, It’s been almost 8 weeks and things are not looking much better. I visited another store here locally, and they did have some pasta like spaghetti, but there was not much on the shelves. Here are what I suspect is causing all the shortages. The last harvest was down 40% for Durham Wheat here in Canada and the US. Then this is a clip from a news article:

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is threatening shockwaves through two of the world’s staple grain markets, prompting countries that rely on imports from the region to seek alternative supplies and heightening concerns about food inflation and hunger”.

What is amazing is this means the war has temporarily cut off a breadbasket that accounts for more than a quarter of the global wheat trade and nearly a fifth of corn. Besides grain shipments being cutoff, If the farmers in Ukraine are not allowed to plant which is coming up very soon, there will not be a 2022 harvest from this region.

With wheat hitting new levels, can you imagine what this will do to Egypt? Another Arab Spring may happen but much much worse. Egypt subsidizes bread there. People would starve there if not for the subsidies.

My suggestion is that all my “The Grand Solar Minimum Prepper” readers stock up on things like pasta. As long as pasta is kept very dry it will store for a long time with just simple storage. Same storage requirements with beans. You might also think about storing some flour and learning how to make your bread. I keep my flour in 5-gallon sealed buckets with twist-off lids. I have become good at making my bread. You do understand there are huge amounts of things that you eat daily and fill the grocery store’s shelves made from wheat? No matter what we do, prices will continue to increase. It will get worse when Americans finally and fully wake up to the fact that there will be little wheat products to purchase and the ones there are expensive.

OK, so over to the medical supplies. I wanted to pick up some antibiotic ointment. Usually, there is plenty, and is very inexpensive. One week there was none, and the next week the new supply was $2.00 more than when I last purchased.

Speaking about medical supplies, did you know that over 80% of our medical supplies come from China?  Think about that, if we are cut off from China and China is starting to pull back, just think it would be like if  260 million Americans can no longer get their prescription medications because the raw materials for those medications come from China.

We here in the US are in very bad shape when it comes to manufacturing as we hardly make anything any longer. Examples:

•          85% of electronics not made here

•          75% of automotive parts not made here

•          80% of medical supplies not made here

So why are we screwed so to speak when it comes to manufacturing? It is simple. Greed and profit are the reasons and a little thing called “Free Trade”. So those geedy manufacturers here in the US got even more greedy as they shipped all our manufacturing all over the planet (Especially China), because of reduced labor costs. They also shipped all our R&D and technology out as well. They then shipped the finished product at a hefty increase back here and put the profits in their pockets not our pockets. Apple is just one example of many thousands of these. So the country became a “Fries With That Mister” country and became a services type of economy. The results you can see this day March 2nd. 2022.

So what Americans got from “free trade” was the destruction of our manufacturing and huge outflows of American consumer dollars to foreign nations. Ya, it’s cheap, but just wait, In the end, we will pay for this cheapness as a country.

So things are looking bleak this morning in Central Texas at least for me. We could be looking at a war in Europe, Increased food prices and shortages, and a services economy that has no manufacturing base to produce anything to support a war with Russia and China. Instead, we are a WOKE, high-heel-wearing stupid butterfly types that run the country and the military. Where have all the REAL men and women gone? Soon the military pink unicorn metal for supporting the transgender services. Russia and China laugh!

Pink Unicorn Metal where He becomes Her

To top it all off, there was an attempt to legalize abortion right up to the moment before birth. “This proposed law would strip away every protection for every child in the womb from any state in the country.” We are not just quite there, but perhaps soon. As a human being, this is the most horrifying thing I could ever think of. Who will speak for the unborn? It is a moral sickness that permeates the deepest levels of hell or perhaps even deeper, as it destroys a precious life. The aborted children are screaming for justice. It will come soon, and the US will suffer greatly for it. This abortion reason makes my skin crawl and makes me want to leave this sick country of murderers. My God in Heaven, how can people even think this way?

That’s all from Central Texas


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  1. Andy

    Thanks Dennis. Revival is coming. The lord showed me that just like Russia invaded Ukraine the Lord is getting ready to invade the earth. You will see moves of his spirit where he will just show up in peoples homes and businesses. People will instantly come under conviction and sense his presence. There is going to be many people that will come to the Lord. It is so far gone we need God to fix it. Keep the faith.

    • Sgsm_Dennis

      Hello Andy
      I agree with you. Personally I think the human race is going to get one more warning before all the evil is going to be destroyed, It will be a tough time. As a Catholic, this is called the “Warning” where every person will see their soul as God sees it. I actually have an unplubshed BLOG just waiting for this warning to occur. Thanks for commenting as vey few do. Dennis

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