Peace Has Been Taken From the Earth

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Actually, there has never been much peace on the earth for very long. Yes in places, but never the whole world at the same time. Well, the opposite is now happening, and there is no peace to be had in any place. As I have stated, it started in earnest in 2019 when the world was attacked globally. Yes peace has been under attack forever after adam and Eve were purged for the garden. There has been no peace since Cain killed Abel. It’s continued on and on. As I wrote this I was laughing as I can hear the echo of those saying “what’s up with this guy?”, there was no Adam and Eve, and what is this garden crap. To those I say then go on your way, you have free will, so use it.

While peace has been chipped away piece-by-piece, (no pun intended) this has been planned for a long time. But now we see the actors in black and white here in the US and globally. We see a stolen election and a president who can’t remember his name being a pawn of his controllers. We see our representatives only represent them selfs. We see evil in almost everything this country does. We see a bunch of mushrooms just go with the flow. So here we are, going into almost three years after 2019 and it looks like we are starting to live right out of the book of revelation. You know really bad warnings about plagues, poverty, hatred, and war, and if you think about it the loss of the ability to feed the world.

And now we hear the drums of war beating loudly and a great fear which is the globalist greatest weapon pounding in our ears. It’s all a distraction so that the world can be taken down and a New Order can be established. The distraction of war and the subsequent sanctions on Russia.

So now we see big business making exits from Russia, We see the US no longer purchase oil and we see that nowhere in the Western world where Russia is welcome. Now we see all the governmental powers of big global business being used. From the sorry looks of things, there may be no going back from this. We may indeed see the end of the world as we know it and it’s all in the pockets of the globalist.

But it must get much worse than that. What is really needed is a global collapse and that’s on the horizon. We see countries all over the world shun our present traitor president. They won’t even answer his phone calls as they know he will abandon them much like he did the people in Afghanistan. Soon he will be begging for more oil production as the west is cut off from Russian oil, fertilizer, and food. Yes, this is what the globalist want and need. They want you and me on our knees begging for help and a solution. The globalist big business has been used to strangle you and me, but now it is being used to strangle the world.

If you have not been asleep, or not been paying attention to this evilest group of people, then you are missing that we are at this very moment under the powers and thumbs of the global Elite. It is just that it hasn’t gone far enough and they still don’t own everything yet and you and I are too free for their liking. All that will soon change. It will change when everyone abandons America. The US has been the Parana of the world who invade countries and kill its leaders all over the planet. We will soon see the rug pulled from its financial foundation. But it will not just be the US, but the whole ugly western world.

Surely you have noticed that our freedoms have been incrementally destroyed. It has taken years to hack away our freedoms. It has taken a huge most excellent propaganda engine to do that. To make all our men mommy boys. To make our military the Wokie rainbow, brigade. aircraft that are crap, 911, and Home Land Security. and on and on. Now we see this has intensified with the Democratic left and the weasel Republicans. Yes, things are now speeding up, and we are very close to losing it all. And when that happens it will be beyond nasty as we live in a world of mushrooms being fed horse manure propaganda. As I read recently:

“The government of the people, by the people, for the peopleā€ has perished.

What is coming this way will be very soon, Note: the U.S. government will not save us from the chains of the Global Deep State. Why? Because THEY ARE THE GLOBAL DEEP STATE.

What is coming is inflation, a crash of the dollar, gas shortages, and food unavailability. In essence a complete crash of the foundation of the US. It will be nasty. It will be all ME as people scramble for food. It will be complete chaos as law enforcement becomes a thing of the past. Our globalist government will only make it worse and will lose control of everything as planned. Then we will see the great offer. “You will own nothing and be happy”

If you don’t want to be a part of this you had better do as much as you can to isolate yourself from what is on the horizon and could just be days away from starting. It’s the signs of the time. It’s the writing on the wall. It is the gatekeeper’s cry. It’s blowing in the wind, and the times they are a-changing. It is the universe fed up with the slaughter of life. It is God abandoning nations for their sins. It’s reaping what we have sown.

If you say that all the above is just Gloom and Doom, then I would agree. If you say nothing, as I have written, will happen, that is your choice. But in doing so, you may be abandoning the welfare of yourself and your family. If that is so, just go sit in your home and wait. When gas is so expensive you cannot afford it, and you must choose to eat, and there is no money for the purchase food or pay your rent or house payment, then you can text me and tell me I was wrong or right. Also, listen to my latest podcast on food. Listen to the Health Rangers Report HERE.

Yes Peace Has Been Taken From World

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