Preppers New Years Resolutions

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Well, here we are, the first day of 2022. My day started with my Cat Cindy looking at me as she jumped up on my bed. Well, this happens almost every day as it is my job (been trained) to let her outside. It’s not my job but one she has assigned to me. It did not work with my wife as she would just turn over and go back to sleep. After letting her out I returned to my office and started this blog. I had not thought about a New Year resolution or any number of them. I usually crash on them, but this year may be different. The following is why I think I will have multiple ones and it started at 12:01 AM Januarty1st 2022:

As I said, it started at 12.01 AM this morning. While my wife never stays up to greet the new year I usually do. There was something about this year that was different from the last two or three of them. As you well know, when the clock hits midnight everyone with fireworks start lighting the fuses. Normally it sounds like an army in the middle of a battle. This year not so much. Yes, there was an increase but nothing like previous years. What was all that about? I suspect a couple of things. First is that prices on fireworks have risen to the steak level. Way too expensive. The other reason is that people are spending their hard-earned money on food, not some worthless fireworks. Did you notice that as well?


The next reason is what I discovered at Walmart. My wife usually does the shopping as she is an expert at deals and things needed as she is the Gourmet cook. But this time I went with her and was looking for some pasta that I usually give to the local Church Food Bank. When I went to the pasta area, it was mostly gone. No spaghetti or any type of pasta was available. Nothing! So I returned to the store two days later. Still nothing and what little that had been there was gone. OK, well I gave up, but seven days later I returned. Still nothing. I suspect that is happening all over the place. Shelves are all looking a bit understocked in most areas in my local store. I am wondering if that is happening in my reader’s stores? If so, let me know. I suspect 2022 will be a prepper sort of year as food becomes more expensive and unavailable.


My take on this if this passes, then that will end the United States. That would mean that I have no control of my body. It means that if I want a job that pays me with money that I can feed my family with will require taking a jab that may eventually kill me. EVIL very EVIL. So what will you do? Let me know. I suspect that will not end there. That eventually I will need some sort of passport and may be prevented from even purchasing food as in other countries. If this passes, it looks like our non-president Biden has declared war on Americans.

So here are mine. As you know, I like bullet points so here they come:

  • Grow as much food as I can this year outside and in my greenhouse.
  • Grow long-term foods like beans and Winter squash.
  • Continue to Blog.
  • Get my radio communications up and running.
  • Work on my community more
  • Continue to prep.
  • Increase my supplements (Vit. C, D, Zinc).
  • Update all my medical supplies

OK, that’s my blog for the first day of 2022. If you are a prepper, I would certainly make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

Cheers – Dennis in Central Texas



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