Prepping for the soul

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Is prepping your soul a part of physically prepping? I would hope so as your whole being should be part of your prepping plans. While we live in a physical world, there is also a spiritual part of living as well. We all have a human will, but there is a spiritual will if we only look for it. It’s behind everything we see in the physical world. The world is but a veil hiding the real power that makes everything we actually see work. As all of us know, our wills can be used for absolutely wonderful things and absolutely horrible things. We see it every day in the news and in those who we know.

As a Christian, I see two types of wills. There is my (our) own will but there is a much higher will and that is the will of the Creator. While human will has been tristed and contorted into some really ugly and horrible things, The will of the creator is much simplifier. That will is to love your Creator and love your neighbor as you love yourself. That is about as simple as you can get. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all gave up our will, or fused our will with that of the Creator? I suspect the world would be a much nicer place.

Sorryfully the people on this planet generally only see their own will. When it comes to physical prepping, part of your preps should deal with the twisted and contorted will of those we associate with and the will of the global cabal that wants to enslave humanity.

If you have friends, family, a wife, and children that you care about, then your prepping should surround and be made a part of the above. The world that we knew in 2019 has ended and will never return. If you are reading this blog, I am certain that you realize that this world is heading into a WILL MADE MAN-MADE HELL.that will end with a planet that none would recognize and many fewer humans around to see it. It’s simple to see the future.

The future if you watch CNN and other agenda-driven news outlets, will not be so simple to see as you have been watching propaganda from those who want to enslave you. My vision of the future is reflected in the graphic below.

I have a bad feeling that I will not be the number 1 guy in the graphic. That is why my prepping will especially be getting right with my Creator.

If you look at the things that are going on in South Africa, just transplant what is happening there into your own country. The world as we know it has changed, and it will only get worse. At this very moment, the earth is going crazy with heat, cold, floods, drought, and food loss, and stupid humans killing each other. During any Grand Solar Minimum, there is also a volcano and earthquake uptick as well. All it would take is for one large volcano to erupt and increase the already cooling of the planet. Soon and very soon there will not be enough food to feed the planet if all this keeps up. Not only are nature and climate and the universe causing problems, so are those who want us dead, dumb or controlled.

All the above sounds like a good reason to be a prepper, especially for one’s soul. So get ready as your rulers are coming after you, and they want to vaccinate you and then they will give you one of these below. Then you can go get out and enjoy life with all the others who have the card. If not eventually you may starve unless you grow your own food.

OK, that’s enough gloom and doom from Central Texas. I am on to doing some nice and enjoyable things like going out for lunch with one of my Grandsons.

Best of Everything from Central Texas – Dennis

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