This is page 2 of the Recommended SGSM products. You will find things like seed here and a thing or two for the kids. All are my favorites and some I have been using for many years. I would especially think about sprouting and microgreen seeds as they can provide some high-density food in a short (very short) time.

TRUE LEAF SEEDS – Click HERE to visit

Amazing people, amazing seeds, and amazing service – Free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more. I have been using True Leaf for the past 5 years and have never been disappointed. I have spent many thousands of dollars with them (for my Microgreen Business). They have always been great.

Eden Brother’s Seeds – Click HERE to visit

Eden Brothers is another great reliable and trusted place to get your seeds. The author has used them and has always been happy. They have a large number of growing guides you may be interested in.

Click HERE to visit 5.11

Need some tough gear for tough times in tough places? Then you might want to check out 5.11 gear. Me I am looking at the Boonie Hat for my balding head in the hot sun and the cold of winter here in Central Texas.

Here is the Boonie Hat I like:

Freeze Dried food with 25 years of stability

Click HERE to visit My Patriot Supply

And the winner is My Patriot Supply. If you have read my Rules of the Super Grand Solar Minimum, then you know that a good prepper has three types of food available at a minimum. These are Long Term foodShort Term food and fresh food from a garden.

My Patriot Supply fits the Long Term part. This is the purchase and store type of food. It may be the last food you eat if things are going really bad. You should not eat your long-term food unless that is what you have decided to do. if you are in a prepping mode, then eat the short-term food and fresh food that you have grown in a garden. My Patriot Supply has been around for a long time and is time-tested.

Now for something different

Steve Spangler Science – Click HERE to visit

Want to keep your young kids occupied, inquisitive, and having fun at the same time. Then you need to take a look at STEVE SPANGLER SCIENCE. A fun place delivered to your door every month. My grandchildren have gotten older, and I wish I had found this place when they were younger. Take a look and be sure to show the site to your kids.