Red Star Rising

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Red Star Rising

What is the answer to the question in the graphic? The answer is yes! If we do not do something soon they will all turn red. If you thought Communism was dead, then you are dead wrong and maybe dead physically in the future.

What? Why are the gold stars turning red (being destroyed)? We don’t live in a communist country, do we?

The answer is not only yes, but heck yes we do. What our government is doing to our country is not operating under a red flag, but the results of our stolen country and election are a shining red star in the sky.

Does a government that wants to force you and your children to take a vaccine that may kill you sound like a democratic freedom loving country?

But this is just the beginning. Our country was stolen many years ago. Communism never went away it just went underground, especially in Russia. We have used a large shovel to ensure that there is a red document that will eventually destroy all those stars.

It started in earnest from world war two and continued when we shipped our manufacturing to China. That made many Americans rich but destroyed the underbelly of the US for money and profit. That act then made China a world power. But the CCP does not really care about money. What they really want is power and that power always comes from the barrel of a gun. What the CCP really wants is the US minus its citizens. That barrel is aimed at all of us. Our technical elites only care about money. They have been captured by greed and don’t know or care. They think money is power and will do anything to keep what they think is power. The CCP is laughing at the stupid fools as they slowly bribe their way into all of American life.

It is easy to see if you look closely or perhaps you are BRAIN DEAD or think it’s all about money as well. Just look at the Democrats. Just look at our courts, just look at our schools and universities. Just look at our Supreme Court. Just look at some of the Democratic-controlled states. It’s everywhere. Look at Austria, Australia, and soon Germany. Obviously, we are next as our “Leaders” push harder and harder. None of this has the label called Communism but that is what it really is.

The CCP is laughing their asses off as we continue to destroy our military, our food supplies, and our infrastructure. The CCP sees what they call USEFUL IDIOTS doing their dirty work.

This is a heads up to all those doing the dirty work and destroying this country, When this country falls, and communism takes root. The CCP will put A BULLET in not only the American population but will seek out those useful idiots that helped them. They will have a special end.

When everything crashes, I suspect Russia will own Alaska and all of Canada. China will want to move many millions of Chinese citizens to the US. The room will have to be made by removing – Well you know – You and me – Me and you – All of us.

I suspect that the US is crawling with Russian and Chinese spies and thousands of compromised US citizens that would sell their very mother for money.

One other warning. The US is the last bastion of freedom. When we fall may God have mercy on the rest of the world. Just look at the EU and the UK. It’s all about craziness.

I am not sure the US can survive being taken down internally, A rotted base of a tree will always fall. If you are reading this you have a little more time than most who are enjoying their pizza and beer and are hoping things will return to normal! If there is any humor in this blog, what I just wrote is about it.

Get your soul prepared for what is coming.

Dennis in Central Texas Email – where x=g

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