Seal off Your soul

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Seal off your Soul

There is a great evil coming from the pits of hell. We can see a small part of this evil now. It is the evil of fear and confusion. It has been conjured up from the evil minds and souls of the lost and the demonic. The centers of this evil exist in most centers of world governments.

Don’t let this evil get into your soul. Seal it off with the Divine will of Jesus. The evil of fear and confusion is gathering energy. It is like a great storm feeding on its energy. It started small but is being fed from hell and the minds of men. It is slowly covering the earth. Lockdowns, injections, ethnic hatred, abortion, food loss, cold weather, and lost souls are its attributes and signature.

Soon the eye of the storm will cover the earth. Everything will look better. Things will get back to normal the minions of evil will say. Drop your weapons as they are no longer needed. Then when all is quiet the great wall of this evil storm will decimate the unprepared. Peace and harmony and then disaster.  Fear and confusion and then a consuming disaster. A disaster so evil and unthinkable that man will give up their souls to escape it only to lose everything.

This evil of fear and confusion is so strong that there is no way to destroy it. It will fulfill its will and dissipate its energy upon humankind.  

But those that have given up their wills and replaced it with the gift of the Divine Will of Jesus will be spared, both physically and spiritually. Death then will have no meaning as it will be like taking a step, and that step will be taken with the Creator of all things. As many of us can imagine, very few will take that step. Their steps will be a step from this world into hell.

All of us have a special invitation to come and receive this great gift. This gift was purchased with much pain and suffering by Jesus. His suffering that purchased this gift was not just physical pain on the cross but the pain of all the sins of mankind. Only Jesus as God and Man could ever experience such suffering and pain. This is the payment for our redemption.

This pain remains. It covers us with the cover of redemption. His pain is reenacted every time this gift is rejected. All the pain seems wasted when the gift is rejected.

Now is the time to remove this pain. Remove it from our Creator. remove it from you and remove it from everyone that has ever existed, exists now, and will exist in the future. Take this great gift. It will be a step into the new kingdom of the Divine Will of Jesus. Start your Divine Will refuge. Envite all those who are lost and in need to come in. Those coming into your refuge (the physical one and the one in your new will) will look like our brothers and sisters but will be Jesus our Savior who lives in all of us.

Dennis – In Central Texas

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