Solar Power and Prepping

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Hello and welcome to solar power and prepping. This blog has a bit of everything. First there is a short electronics course. Why? Well you are using electrical power and using term like volts, current and power. Also messing with batteries.

So I thought you might like to understand what you are working with. Then there is the module on solar panels, controllers, batteries and other things like solar power to grow food in your house. To make it easy so you don’t have to stay on my blog site, I am putting all this info in PDF format so you can download and look at it later on your PC. All the files are free and you can copy them and give them to others. There is also a free typo in all 4 files – it seems that I cannot spell Solar and seem to like Solal. Which sounds like I am from the Boston area?? Here are the Files:

File 1

File 2

File 3

File 4

Thats it for this blog.

Hope you enjoy your electronics course 🙂

Cheers and best of every thing

Dennis in Central Texas

(C) The Grand Solar Minimum Prepper 2022

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