Texas Cooling?

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Is Texas Cooling? Is the Earth Cooling? From my point of view, here in Central Texas, this is the coolest summer I can remember. As you can see from the above GFS temperature anomaly map, yes things are cooling across much of the half of the US and North Eastern Canada. And yes, it’s pretty warm in the western states where there are many fires and drought conditions.

While I won’t complain about the anomalous 88-degree temperatures on the third day of August, you must agree, these are pretty weird temperatures?

Note: Round Rock is a Town just East of Austin Texas. If you are a criminal I would not recommend you go there as Williamson County is a no-nonsense place!

From many sources, the next 30 years or so will be cool and cold ones probably like the Maunder Minimum. It was not all that long ago I experienced more than 30 days from August on daily high temperatures of 100+. Yes, we griped about it, but that’s pretty normal at times here in Central Texas. Also, something normal (whatever that is) is for it to never dip below freezing here during the winter months. If you remember, Texas this winter pretty well broke all those records and actually almost brought down the grid, broke water systems, dumped snow all over the place, and actually killed people. So there are strange things happening.

While all that snow was crazy, I can remember one time (during a solar minimum) where the bays froze. It was a cold day and I was fishing with my brother. I cast out into the bay and my lure makes a clunking sound, not a splash!

See below the temperature anomaly map for the Maunder Minimum from NASA. As you can see, the earth was a very cool place and millions died from it because of food loss and frigid temperatures. Now that same type of climate would kill billions not millions because of our crazy way of growing and distributing food. During the Maunder Minimum, many people actually grew their own food. Fat chance of that happening now in our dumbed-down world of JIT (Just in time) delivery of food. I suspect that there are people who probably don’t know an egg comes from the backside of a chicken, and believe that food comes from Walmart!

The climate is changing, although you will not hear about it on CNN or PBS which are globalist mouthpieces. Crops are failing all over the planet this year. China is one big flooded-out place, and that is starting to happen all over the planet. Anomalous snow, cold weather, and frost as well as floods are destroying crops globally and especially in South America. This year, the US could go into next year with no backup supplies of grains or other food types. Pig flu is poking its ugly head up and if it makes its way here could decimate pig production. As I stated, China is in a world of hurt and it keeps getting worse. The big question is when will no one have any food that China can feed its people with?

You should be asking yourself the same question. How can I feed myself or my family if prices keep on rising and there is less and less food available? While you watch CNN and PBS, it’s all about vaccines, the virus, and those nasty people who won’t take the kill shot jab.

So, is Texas Cooling? Is the Earth Cooling? The answer is yes, and the Great Global Reset will use it to make you a slave, forgive you your debt, give you free cash to live in their smart city. That is if you survive the jab! But remember as they say – YOU WILL LOVE IT –

That is all for this blog. Ask your Creator and his Son to protect you through all of this. But remember you can’t just sit there in idle mode and expect the food truck and the government to arrive to help you!

As Always:

Get some seeds
Plant a garden
Take care of your family and neighbors
Finally, look after those who have less than you do.

Yes, it is time to wake up and prepare

Dennis in Central Texas

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