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The question may be the best what? You would be right to ask that question as there are short-term, medium-term, and long-term food storage. This blog has gone over this a bit before. What I would like to cover today is food that I have used for many years.

Not just food for storage though. When I was a scoutmaster and hiked the Appalachian trail with a bunch of energetic and hungry scouts, food for all of us was a large concern. If you have never done this, you will know that you will need high protein and high calory food for your body. The food we carried was freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. The main reason was weight. There was plenty of water to be had along the trail, but as you know water weighs a bunch, and freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are pretty light. Between the three adults and around 15 scouts, we could distribute the weight out evenly.

Anyway, It was my second childhood and I enjoyed every second!

With the world going crazy with terms flying left and right like Lockdowns, masks, Delta this and that, vaccinations, crop failures, and intense heat and flooding, food seems to rise to the top of the list of importance.

I am sure you are much like me as it all seems like what some people would call “Fear Porn”. In a way, it is what the 1% is all about. Keeping you fearful of this and that actually makes a lot of us ready to be more manageable in ways we would normally reject. Also fear is not good for anyone’s health and wellbeing.

The year 2000 Date Problem

I suspect some of you remember the year 2000 thing. Computers (actually software) supposedly could not handle dates at the beginning of 2000 and would crash and burn and bring down civilized society. I must admit that I was caught up in all of this and it caused me to become a prepper of sorts for the last 21 years. It all started in the year 2000 and was a nothing burger after it was all over. The why of it was that people got so wrapped up in the fear of the date thing that company’s and others actually made the necessary corrections. All of this preparing their computers and software to handle dates better really started out with fear. Fear of failure, loss of money or loss of business,

Fear is a good thing if used and listened to properly. Otherwise, it may cause things like poor health, mental problems, and even suicide.

Some people have mental problems even facing small changes or even really minor problems. I personally know people like that, and nothing bad is ever spoken to them as they really get very upset and some even sick.

With that in mind, I would like to talk about the primary and most important of your storage foods, and that is long-term foods. These are the last food that is available after you have eaten all your grown food, and medium and short-term food storage. With proper planning and hard work, you may never have to crack open your long-term foods.

Obviously, your long-term emergency food supply can provide a semblance of peace of mind for perhaps unexpected events like no power, grid-down, or other crazy things. The best long-term emergency food supply should be based on quality, shelf-life, and things like nutrition and calory content These are the things we all should consider when shopping for our long-term food supplies. Many of these food kits are for 1 day, a week, a month, and even longer. They will feed one person or a large family. Much of this is based on calories and the number of meals. Remember, the quality and calories of each meal are very important. 1200, to 2000 calories per day for an adult is the target.

Food Shelf-Life obviously is an important consideration. As you may have researched, there are all types of products on the market. Things like carrots, rice, butter, meat, or full-blown meals. Some emergency food only lasts a few years (MREs come to mind), while many are processed and stored so that they have a shelf life of up to 25 years. The 20 to 25 year shelf life is what most of us need for our long-term emergency food.

I have listened to some who say well I will just get, beans rice, and pasta. They are right as these three have a very long storage life when done properly. I suspect up to 30 years. The question is don’t you think you will get tired of eating the above three and nothing else? That is where freeze-dried and dehydrated foods make up for this. Variety is the spice of life is proven out with different tasting foods.

If feeding your family and prepping for the coming years, then you might consider long-term emergency food as part of your food security. As we approach 2025 which I am thinking will be a cutoff date for some really major things like the almost complete failure of food production, now is the time to prepare. My recommendation for long-term emergency food is listed below. These guys put out a really good product, and they have been in the business for years.

My Patriot Supply fits the Long Term part. This is the purchase and store type of food. It may be the last food you have to eat if things are going really bad. You should not eat your long-term food unless that is what you have decided to do. if you are in a prepping mode, then eat the short-term food and fresh food that you have grown in a garden. My Patriot Supply has been around for a long time and is time-tested.

And here on the farm:

It got cooler here as we only had a high temperature of 88 which is an astounding temperature for Central Texas for the start of August!! I keep wondering what this fall will bring. We did get some very gentle nice rain here so no burning up crazy fires yet around here. Anyway, I am preparing my 30 x 90 greenhouse for growing in the fall. Still thinking about what I will now grow. One thing for certain is that I will be removing all my sunshade cloth as I will need the additional sunlight. As always this always happens during a grand solar minimum, sunlight starts to become a problem with the more overcast days.

Speaking of sunlight, the waining magnetic field is also letting in more Cosmic rays which also causes increases in cloud cover. This is becoming quite visible as I am seeing two layers of clouds more and more. As usual, most of my friends and family think I am full of it, but I have gotten used to that. One day I will be the smart grumpy grandpaw (perhaps).

As usual, here are my unchanging suggestions:

Get some seed
Plant a garden
Look after your family and friends
Take care of those who have less than you do

Cheers from Central Texas – Dennis

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