The Coming of the Grand Solar Minimum

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Hello and welcome to the coming of the grand solar minimum blog. This will be the first blog about the 23 listed items below. I have been following this area for the past five years, and is one of the more suppressed areas out there on the internet, especially by all the CO2 heads and global warming crazies.

To get started, the Grand Solar Minimum is a cycle very similar to the 11-year cycle of our sun that repeats every 11 years. The sun goes into other cycles like every 400 or 1000 years or even 3000 years. So when we talk about say a 400-year cycle which I firmly believe we are going through, we are only talking about something that happens every 400 years. Our present global cooling may last the next 30 years or more, not 400. These cycles all have a beginning, a peak, and a slowly declining intensity. Some cycles are more intense or less intense than others. When they are intense, things tend to warm up, and when less intense things tend to cool off. It is this intensity which is controlled by our glorious sun that controls how warm it gets, and of course the level of cooling.

The sun controls the climate of earth and man while we are serial polluters at present only are a small part of what climate actually does. Pollution is a very bad thing and could on its own destroy our beautiful earth. Make sure you know the difference between climate and weather.

Example Only: The earth is experiencing an ice age (climate) and New York is under 500 feet of ice, but the weather in say Brazil may be extremely hot at the moment and people are swimming in the Atlantic and sunbathing.

Why global warming is a good thing.

Yes, it is a very good thing. Human populations tend to prosper in periods of warming. The earth has been much warmer if we look back at fossil records, and vegetation prospered during these periods. How about a fern leaf as big as a couple of your living rooms? During these periods of warmer temperatures, CO2 was much higher than it is now, and CO2 is nothing more than PLANT FOOD. We must have high levels of CO2 for plant (food) growth. CO2 does not cause global (climate) heating, the SUN does. The lower the CO2 levels get the less healthy food production we will have. If it is lowered too much the earth (and us) will die.

Confusion and fear alert

At present we live in a time of great lies, fear, and confusion. All of this is a great evil agenda and is being used to control people. Global warming and your Carbon Footprint are nothing but an agenda to control you, much like the Chinese virus, vaccinations, and lockdowns. If we are seduced by all of this we will eventually lose everything even our lives.

There is a good reason that there are around 8 billion people alive today, and that is global warming. Without this warming, it would be impossible to grow enough food to feed those 8 billion. That is quickly coming to an end, and it has just started. Now is a good time to wake up as there is little time to get ready to face the consequences of a cooling earth let alone the other 22 other items listed below. At present we are just coming out of a very warm period and are now descending into the depths of the Grand Solar Minimum.


What are the solutions for life?

These are water, food, health, housing, community, and safety. Loose any of these and your life becomes more dangerous and deadly. As for solutions all I can say is have all of them and in as much abundance as possible.

Of the 6 items listed above, the best solution is to wrap the community around the other 5. I have written much about community but mostly to silence as people do not trust people anymore: or did they ever? Note to those stupid enough to think a community is like a hippy compound. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not about everyone sitting around smoking weed. This type of compound would be destroyed in a week or less.


But what I think is the real reason is Confusion and fear. We seem to fear each other and people are confused about just everything that is now happening.

Below is a graphic of what the Grand Solar Minimum will look like:

Super Grand Solar Minimum

The above graphic pretty well covers most of what the Grand Solar Minimum will bring. Notice I have the word “Super” in the title. In my way of thinking the word, “Super” belongs there.

400-year cycle SGSM – 8 to 12 years of food. (I think this is what is coming) Part of the 8 to 12 years of food would contain food that you will grow. You will need seed and a garden to do this.

I wrote the above many years back and a considerable amount of things have changed. Not only are we looking at the Grand Solar Minimum in our faces, but a great evil has been released on the earth.

Personally, I think we are at the point of no return. It is too late as our world has been stolen, and the power that now possesses it will do ANYTHING to keep it. That anything will be killing off a large portion of the human race and subjugating the rest to physical and medical slavery. Yes, at some point the American public will object but it will be too late, as most Americans are a rather pathetic bunch of mushrooms. Most have no life burning in their souls and had rather sit on their posteriors and suck in government money. Yes suck it in but what will you do when it ends. Will you whine and holler for more and more like my wife’s pet pig does when he is hungry?

With the coming of food shortages not only caused by the Grand solar Minimum but by our globalist masters, things are going to get tough. To survive we must all prepare for the cold, the food shortages, and those mushrooms who will become crazy when things get tough. They will come to your door begging for food, and when that fails they will come to take anything you have because they deserve it and you don’t.

  • The coming of the Grand Solar minimum.
  • Food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.
  • Financial breakdowns.
  • The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic pole flip.
  • The Chinese virus.
  • The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans.
  • The fall of the United States.
  • The great global reset.
  • The continued genetic manipulation of humans.
  • The illumination of souls.
  • Christians hiding from persecution and living in refuges.
  • The complete collapse of everything.
  • The great delusion.
  • Mark of the beast.
  • Persecutions of humans by Satan and his Minions.
  • Three days of darkness and the casting of all evil into hell.
  • The triumph of the Divine will of Jesus and His mother – You do love your mother don’t you?
  • A new age of peace that will last 1000 years.
  • All humans living the will of God and the completion of the “Our Father”.
  • Satan will be released back upon the earth for a very short time.
  • Then the end will come.
  • Final Judgment.
  • Infinite rewards for those who love God

That ends this blog. If you want to learn more about the Grand Solar Minimum go to the free section of this website and download a PDF of some of my previous blogs that came from a previous site that no longer exists. Also, I think I have a couple of videos that cover this. If you feel all the above is crazy, then you would be correct. But crazy things do not mean they will not happen and they will not become reality. A reality of insanity and craziness that we will have to prepare for.

Hopefully, if you have read all this and are still living in your little safe world of pizza and beer and your favorite football team and the latest cell phones and social media, you will wake up and put all that someplace in the trash can of your mind and start preparing. It’s time to probably pull your children from the more and more demonic school system that push things even an adult would have a problem relating to.

The next blog will be about food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.

Dennis in Central Texas

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