The Gift and the Pepper Plant

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The Gift and the Pepper Plant

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The Gift – A fictional story on my part but based on truth

What would you do if someone came to you and in their hands held a gift that was so valuable that when it was opened the whole universe faded into nothingness? When this gift was compared to not just one but a multitude of universes it was just a small bit of sand in comparison to the gift. When you looked upon this gift you realized that it was a gift of unmeasurable value.

Amazingly it was offered for free. There was only one thing that you needed to do to obtain this gift and that was to want it.

 OK, you said, but surely there is something about this gift that makes it so valuable?  Surely there is something I must give you in return for this gift? That someone that was holding the gift only smiled. That smile penetrated into your whole being as it was a smile of love.  It was a smile that would come from someone that knew all about you. Yes, the gift bearer said as his smile became even more knowing. In return for this gift, I want your will!

Startled, you say you want my will?

 Yes he said, I want your will and in its place, I want to place my gift.  I will not be a thief as your will has little value. But what I will replace it with has eternal value. 

What is this gift you ask? Slowly you realize that this smiling loving face is revealing his identity. It is Jesus holding the gift and He is holding it out and offering it to you.

My gift is my Divine Will. It is the same will that I created everything. It is the same will that created you. It is a Will that has suffered greatly so that now and at this time because I have redeemed you that I can now offer the Gift of My Divine Will. It is a gift that My Father wants me to freely give.

I could write more but this story is a continuing one. It is a story that all of us can make come true. This story will and must come true and have a completion.

Strangely, when the story ends and a new world of the Divine Will comes into existence it will start with you and me. Jesus wants this but in order for this to happen, we must want it and that can only start if we receive the gift.  We live in a world of our own making and will. We as God’s creations have suffered because of our wills. Our will not the Divine Will of Jesus has caused wars, death, and pure evil. Just look at the world now. Look at all the children we have sacrificed to our will. We all live in this world as we have created it. It is of our making and we own it and because of it, we must all suffer in it.

The Pepper Story

Chile Pequin Hot pepper – A native Texas plant.

There is a pepper plant that I discovered two years ago. In resides along a short path that I walk when I exit my office and walk towards the road that cuts through the little farm I live on. I am sure it was deposited there as a seed by a bird. Birds are not bothered by the hot taste of peppers. It is a beautiful thing and I harvested many of the peppers for their seed. This little plant was all about me and the discovery I had made. It was all about the seed that I would harvest and the pepper plants I would grow.

This year was different. I rediscovered the little plant again. What was different was the way I looked at this most wonderful and beautiful plant. The discovery was made again not in my will but in my new will and because of that my partner on that discovery was Jesus. As I looked upon the amazing deep red and green peppers I saw the glory that they gave back to their creator. The plant had a will and it was the will of its creator. It reflected back its wonderful purpose. I see you there Jesus I thought. This little plant displays its glory around Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. What a wonderful gift it gives to its Creator and me as I walk down that path. It is just growing there, tucked under trees that nourish it with their fallen leaves, and the moisture that flows off the leaves that cover and hide it from the hot sun.

Just think if you and I can see God’s glory in a small beautiful pepper plant, how much more amazing glory can we see in our brothers and sisters and in our children. Such is the Divine Will of Jesus.

Seek out this gift as it is there for the taking. Just wanting it is enough. Then when you have fused your will with the Will of Jesus, it will be Jesus walking when you walk. When you speak, think, and act it will be Jesus speaking thinking, and acting through you. Everyplace you go you can replicate Jesus over and over. You can leave Him there along with your acts, words, and deeds that you did in His Will.

There is an amazing Joy in replacing your will with His Will. In His will, you will bring down heaven to earth. You will complete the “Our Father”. Your kingdom come Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Dennis – In Central Texas

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