The Great Global Reset

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The following is book 6 of a series of books called Winter is coming. Because of what is happening in Canada right now, here in the US, New Zealand, Australia and many countries in Europe (UK) people are waiking up. Because of this, I am making book 6 available below to view. Book six was written even before the “Vacciene” and death jab started killing people all over the planet.

2019 was calm, but two years plus later THE WHOLE PLANET HAS CHANGED. I don’t like it and I bet you feel the same way. But this is just the beginning.

Here in the US, TWO young athletes died on the same day and another remains hospitalised following heart attacks in horror events during high school basketball games in the US.

Two healthy high school basketball players died suddenly on the same day, Tuesday, February 8. While another teen is still fighting for his life after he collapsed during another basketball game on February 5. What a tragic occurance and it was no accident. My heart goes out to the families. Young healthy boys dont just die suddenly. Please don’t give your children the death jab or take it yourself. Here is the URL for the Story. You can only imagine what caused it?

You can Purchase the six book series here at this URL if interested.

To view Book 6 in the series click on the graphic below: Hope you enjoy what I have written, that is if you can get through the gloom of a Great Global reset and what that means! The book is hosted at Amazon AWS S3 site, so you should have no proplems viewing it. I would like feedback on the format if possible. Thanks – Dennis in Central Texas.

NOTE – UPDATING BOOK _ WILL BE READY by 6:30 PM 2/15/2022 CST – Sorry. OK – Finished. Thanks – Dennis

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