At the moment I am not sure how many podcasts I will do and how often. As I am new at this, there is a learning curve. Please suggest topics by using the contact form on this site. Also, any blog subjects you would be interested in would be great as well. Come back often, and if you do not have the time to listen, you can always download and listen later. I am using the Amazon AWS S3 site to host the podcast, so you should not have problems listening to or downloading files.
Thank You – Dennis in Central Texas 🙂

Date: March 10,2022 Length 14:08 All about Russia and food

Date: Feburary 27, 2022 Length 12:27 – Pray for world Peace.

Date: February 14, 2022 Length 10:05 Happy Valentine day Preppers

Date: February 01, 2022 Length 11.56
Date: January 30, 2022 Length 8:08
Date: January 29, 2022 Length 2:30