The Last Warning

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Last Warning

This little post is for those of us in the US. If you are not in the US, your future is tied to the US as well as the US is the last bastion of freedom. Many of you think you are patriotic defenders of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America! I suspect that somewhere in the back of your mind you think you can capture back what you have lost in the last three or four years.

But times are getting short to correct what has happened to the US. While the US has really bad enemies all around the world, it is its internal enemies we need to think about. Like all great nations in the past that have crashed and fallen, we are going through the same failures they did. External enemies, we can fight against, but when they are internal, they rot our country at its core.

Lucifer and all the demons in hell, and their satanic minions, governments, and globalist are destroying our country internally   It should be very obvious that our whole government are doing the work of the evil one to destroy God’s plan for humanity and to usher in the demonically inspired New World Order.

As I said, we have little time to save our nation. Many of you who may be prayer warriors have known what is happening for a very long time. This is Lucifer’s last chance to destroy the human race which God created to receive all of creation as a gift.

Did you know this and that all of creation was made for you? Everything, the earth, planets, stars, and billions and trillions of galaxies were created just for you. They will be yours for eternity.

Now are the last moments of the American dream. Now is the time to save as many souls from eternal damnation. Many American Citizens have fallen asleep and have no idea that this is the turning of an era. As I wrote, this is the last chance for Lucifer’s evil and demonic plan. Now is the time to save yourself and your family and billions of people who are your brothers and sisters from an evil-infested world.

Many in the last few years have been asleep and have deliberately, unknowingly, or unwittingly adopted Lucifer’s plan. Many of these lost humans through absolute stupidity, socialism, or communism have rotted the very foundations of our nation. They are clinging to political affiliations of their past which no longer exist. All of this has been slowly replaced by very subtle brainwashing. Now they blindly accept the current affairs of our stolen government. They follow our evil corporations, institutions, and our educational systems. They follow our paid-for media and entertainment. They are the ‘woke’ generation and are attracted to the religion of the satanic new world order. Most don’t even know what they are doing.

Look at what is happening. Lies, evil, and confusion are the tools and weapons of the demonic forces who are attempting to divide you by charges of racism. It is up to you and me who are the gate keepers to reach out to our loving God for help in this great battle. It is now time to wake up our family and friends who are asleep in this demonic trap and snare and awaken them to the reality that this is the ultimate struggle of Gods good people versus Evil. It is almost amazing that they do not see that their “woke” agenda is not, in reality, an awakening but a deep pit of darkness and the brainwashing trap of the evil one and his minions.

If we do not wake up now, the future of our nation will be a doomed one. Our nation that was inspired and blessed as a shining light to the whole world will sink into darkness.

While what is approaching us is a great storm of evil, we can minimize what Lucifer can do. Our weapons of prayers and the armor of Jesus can do just that. Mark your forehead with the Cross of Jesus. You then will belong to Him.

We have so little time and it is quickly running out. Soon the great battle with Lucifer will start. It will look like he is winning but in the end he and his fallen angels and demons and our human brothers and sisters who have made Lucifer their god will be cast into hell for eternity.  

Try to save all of those brothers and sisters by your prayers and the light of Jesus. Claim all of creation that was made for you by living in the Divine Will of Jesus.

The Clock is ticking! End Times are approaching! Are you listening? Again I ask you are you listening?

Dennis in Central Texas

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