The New Man

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Wow what a day makes here in Central Texas. My RV office went from AC to heat over night. As a side note, it looks like we are in for a very cold winter this year, so stock up on warm things. Stoke up your wood stove or however you stay warm. On the food front, things are OK here in Central Texas, but I can see less and less of the things I normally purchase missing. Things on the farm front are not so good either as Durum Wheat ( also called pasta wheat or macaroni wheat) is down 40% this year. Ya pasta is getting ready to get even more expensive.

If you are not ready for food shortages in the coming months, then you will soon be on the short end of things. Take all this as a blessing as the general public has no idea how bad things will eventually get. If they did, there would be little food to purchase.


The New Man

Come Oh Holy Spirit. Come and bring the Joy of the Lord. Bring Your wisdom and Your understanding. Make Your thoughts be my thoughts. Make Your ways my ways.

As I have written about before, in the Holy Trinity are three distinct persons but act out their power and love with a combined will. It is this will that created everything that ever was and will ever be. It is love played out in a most glorious manner. All things were created with and through the Holy Spirit in union with God the Father and for and through the Son. We are all the result and product of that will and love. The human soul is then the climax of creation. You and I are the joy of the Creator God. Through love we all were created and in return Gods joy is when that love is returned.

Unreturned love is love wasted. Not that Gods love is wasted but the love we could have returned is wasted. Wasted love is why Jesus died on the cross for our unreturned love. That act on the cross was the ultimate act of God. Thy Will be done as Jesus acted out the absolute union of will of the Trinity.

Creation then is all about love. Love given and love returned. The love that our Creator has for us is the ultimate expression of love.

So why some much will and love for Gods human creations? What are Gods plans for you and I? God has great plans for those who love him and return what little love that you and I are humanly capable of returning.

When our human will is replaced or fused with the infinite will of God, all acts through this will have everlasting glory and value.  Good things and acts through our human will have value. Good things done through the will of God are like little stars in the heavens. When you and I create through the love and will of God, we become like the sun that warms our day. These acts then are Like the rays of the sun and are available to everyone. Each act then not only returns love, but has value and is available to everyone. These acts done in and through Gods will is what the Our Father prayer is all about.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Look closely at these simple words. These words are what creation is all about: a union of the Creator with the created. This union when it is eventually played out is just the beginning of a relationship that will last for eternity. God then will share all of what He is with His children. What that may look like is beyond any words that I could put down. But remember that you and I are Gods glory. You and I are little suns that are fueled and burn with the infinite love of our creator.

So what is the purpose of what I have just written? Hopefully all those that read this will see that is the misuse of the human will that has caused thousands of years of misery. The father of all lies and evil understands this and uses this misuse for his purposes. It is why men sell their souls for wealth and greed and human power. They have believed the lie and they will reap the results of that lie for eternity, cut off from the Word and the Light and the Will of the Creator.  That sounds like a really bad return on their investment does it not?

Jesus is offering to give us His Divine will. We will waste this gift unless we become the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Living in the Divine Will is what God wants for us and is His plan for us. This gift will not bring into creation the 1000 years of peace if we waste it. Wasted, it will only prolong our misery we have suffered and are suffering now. It will take each of us to bring about this peaceful time.


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