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Water should be at the top of the survival list for any prepper as you drink loads of it every day. But you know that. All of us have been accustomed to just turning on the tap and there has always been water there. Mostly we have never had to worry about the quality. I spent time in India years back, and there you did have to worry. Almost all water came from a plastic bottle of filtered water. So the question is what would you do if the grid was down, and there was no filtered water to purchase? Even worse what would you do if you had no commercial water filters?

Also, this blog on water expands out to all the things that surround it like survival. Please excuse my wandering but I think it is important,

Scenario 1
You live in an apartment in a city. One morning you wake up and the power is off and there is no water. Your Cell phone does not work and you go outside to learn that everyone in your apartment complex is wondering what happened as well. You learn that there has been a huge solar storm that has taken down the world’s power grids. Power, water, hospitals, or even transportation will probably never come back. Life, as you knew it just before you went to bed last night, is gone forever. Then you hear gunshots! What would you do? Scenario 2
You are living the American dream. You know, beautiful wife and kids. Big large home and two cars in the garage. Your refrigerator is full of everything you like. All the people in your neighborhood are much the same. Love Netflicks, social media, and absolutely love to use their cellphones and text. You perhaps have at most a week of food available and little water as that comes out of the refrigerator filtered water system. Yes, life is good until you and everyone on the planet experiences Scenario 1. Scenario 3
You live on a small farm or a small piece of land. Your water comes from the local rural water system ( likes the authors ). Because you have to travel to the local town for food, your pantry has three or four months of food and some bottled water, beer, and other drinks. Your closest neighbor is just down the rural road and there are probably ten or so families living close to you. Life is good as you talk about living in a housing subdivision or an apartment in the city would be living in hell for you. You would be right. Then Scenario 1 happens and your world changes forever. What will you do?


DeadPeople-1 CmeF2

Governmental hearings on protecting the grid have been held. Obviously, nothing has been done about it so why be surprised? Out of those meetings came the following: If the grid went down for a year or more there would be perhaps 90 million Americans alive after a year. Obviously, Scenario 1 and 2 would be where all the deaths occur. I had one friend ask me why my blog was so negative with doom and gloom. My answer was that prepping is all about the negative things that can happen, and if not prepared for there would certainly be a surplus of gloom and doom. So plan not to be one of the nine in the picture above. And of course, it all starts with water. Society is not ready for this, but you can.


Oh my, are you in trouble as this is the most absolute worst place to live security-wise. Suggestions are Ha Ha don’t live there. If you must there are things you can do.

Have an escape plan that contains things like being on foot or having a bicycle. Having a destination like friends, family, or some rural location. Map out that plan and execute it beforehand. Does it work in the best of times? Have a bicycle with saddlebags. You will need a backpack with thought out things like water, food. protection and other things like a water filter and a flashlight.

Work up a list and have everything ready to use at a moment’s notice. Prep your family, friends, or your rural location beforehand.

If you must live in an apartment, try to live on the outer rim of the city and in the direction, you will be bugging out.


If you must live in a house in the city, try to live as far out of the city center as possible. A city would be a very dangerous place to live if the power went down for a year or more. I personally do not see how a city with many thousands or perhaps millions of people become some sustainable place for very long. Even a rural housing addition would be tough. I am sure you have seen those end of the world movies where things have gone really bad and people are grabbing the milk, donuts, and their kids and throwing them in a car and screeching off towards who knows where? The problem is if it’s a CME from the sun there will be no cars and you will be trapped. Again like the apartment dweller you need special bugout plans.

SmallFarm Scenario 3 You live on a small farm or small piece of land.
This is the best of the Scenarios, but make sure you are far enough from the city. The larger the city the more distance you want between the two. Could you imagine living in or around a town like Houston or Los Angeles? If we had a grid down CME, you would indeed be trapped out there without a car, but how about a horse? Or an old tractor with no electronics? If you had your own well and grew your own food you would almost be set except for one thing and that could ruin your day if you don’t have one of these. That must have is a COMMUNITY. If the zombies are headed your way you will need one. This also applies to scenarios 1 and 2. There is always more power and versatility in numbers.


CMEF1 CME and Grid Down
You may be saying what is this CME ( Corona Mass Ejection) and grid-down thing? I agree this is not a day-to-day discussion across the fence in your backyard but is part and parcel of my life and interests every day. It is almost a certainty that in the next few years (or tomorrow) that this could happen. We almost had this happen according to NASA. NASA explains how on July 23, 2012, Earth had a near-miss with a solar flare, or coronal mass ejection (CME), from the most powerful storm on the sun in over 150 years. It was a powerful X flare and if it had hit earth directly I would not be writing this now and the world would have had a life-ending grid-down problem. Please note that that was almost ten years ago. At this moment we are seeing a really active sun so this could indeed happen even tomorrow.

OK you say, it looks like we were lucky. But soon we may be running out of luck because of one major thing that isn’t an across-fence topic ether and that is Pole Flip. The flipping of the earth’s magnetic fields. OK, again and so what? The problem and just one of them are that as the poles head toward a flip, the earth’s magnetic fields get weaker and weaker. You and I are alive because of the earth’s magnetic fields that shield us from solar and galactic radiation. Again not a common topic for sure. As the fields head towards a flip, their strength slowly gets smaller and at the moment of the flip are close to ZERO. At the moment (1/18/2022) we are around 25% down, and getting smaller each day. As they weaken, it becomes much easier for a small CME to take down our grid. As things get weaker, there is more DNA damage and cancer problems as well.

I have over the years looked at solutions for good drinking water. If you do not have it, then all your hard and detailed prepping will be for nothing. As I see it, there are two solutions. One is short-term and the other is a more sustainable long-term solution. The short term is simple water filters, chemicals, Bleach, and other things. The big problem is that when the SHTF, there will not be replacements for these things. While they will get you through it all for a period of time, they are not long-term solutions. I especially recommend that you have plenty of short-term solutions.

A long-term solution is to live by a water supply like a lake or pond and even a river. A good place to be. An even better solution is to have hand-pumped water. This hand-pumped well would even be better if it is located in your shelter.

Water wells can be tough to put in depending on your location. If you live by a river or a large pond you will probably have better luck. Another almost long-term solution is rainwater collection. Just don’t count on it raining all the time. Below is a list of short-term and long-term water solutions that you might have on hand and to consider.


Well Point Drilling. Best for non-rocky soil. Will need a good sledge hammer, couplers and extension pipe. There are zillions of YouTube videos ( Perhaps 10 or 20) on how to do this. Check them out.


Auger well drilling. You will need extension pipe and couplers. Again check them out on YouTube.

Filter 1 – Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System. I have used the Sawyer products for years. They are rather inexpensive and really work. They have a method of backflushing the filter. and will filter large amounts of water. This is an ideal filter you can find HERE.

Filter 3 – Tired of purchasing bottled water or drinking water at work or at home that tastes horrible? The Epic Personal filter is for you. Also saves crazy amounts of plastic bottles from trash dumps. You can find it HERE.

Filter 1 and 2 are great prepping filters, and filter 3 is a good option for your day-to-day needs at home or work, or traveling.

A good water filter is a MUST if you are a prepper.

Filter1Sayer Filter2Lifestraw filter3Epic PuriTablets

Purifying tablets don’t clean or filter the sediments and particles in the water. Usually, these products can come in solid but also liquid form.


Portable water filters for your car, bugout bag, backpack or car. I have a few of these and they work great.

I suggest that you have a few of these in your emergency prep supplies.


You can purify most water by boiling it. While Boiling water will kill any biological contaminants like water-borne viruses or bacteria, it will not remove things like heavy metals, salts, radiation, or chemicals. If you are boiling water, make sure you remove solids. Either let the solids settle out or run through a cloth filter.

Experts on the subject state that you should bring the water to a boil and keep it rolling for one minute to purify it. At altitudes above one mile, 2,000 meters, you should increase the rolling time to three minutes.


OK, thats all for this blog. I will be back with more pages of prepping advice and prepping tools and survival products. Come back often. To go to the next page when available go to the menu at the top of this page. Hope you enjoy this one. Dennis in Central Texas

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