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As important as a heart beating and breathing air, food would fit into this important list as well. The earth’s population is approaching almost 8 billion people, and that is a considerable amount of food eaten each day. While our modern if you want to call it that agriculture system has made it possible to feed that many people each day. This system teeters on a precipice of JIT – Just-in-Time delivery systems and hopefully abundant global harvests. If you have been following the news (please not CNN or others) and made a visit to your local grocery store, things are not like they were back in 2019 when the world changed forever. As in a series of books I wrote “Winter is coming soon – New Worlds” The world started changing after 2019 and continues to this day. I suspect that you are getting tired of all this, but get used to change as it will not end until it’s all over. Until it’s all over is the reason for this blog, as change and food are strange bed-fellows, but tightly bound up in reality.

As this is a preppers blog, food and the food we will prep for is the subject of this blog. As a prepper, there are probably the following areas of food activities. I am sure you know them but I will repeat:

  • Day-to-day food in your refrigerator. pantry or freezer.
  • Garden-grown food. Food that is eaten and supplements your day-to-day food.
  • Stored short-term food. Canned food, some of which will last up to 8 years. Canned food can be purchased at your grocery store or canned as in using your own garden-grown food for canning. Could also be dry canned food in vacuum-sealed jars,
  • Stored Long Term food. Freeze-dried or dehydrated food that will be good for 20 to 30 years. Much of this can be purchased, but some food items like beans and rice take no prepping and when stored in the right containers and environment will have a 20 year plus storage life.

I am preaching to the choir here as you have used this type of food all your life. It is made possible because of refrigeration and the availability of goods from your grocery store. Things like meat, milk, bread, and vegetables. Yes JIT food is a great thing until it isn’t. Here is a tip from people from the past. Keep as much food (short time storable) in your pantry as possible. You can easily have enough food for your family in your pantry for a couple of years if you work at it. This is also a tip from The LDS church which are known for their food prepping. Keeping a freezer is a good idea, but your refrigerator requires electricity as well. So do not count on them as a long-term solution but a good way to stock up on sales. The food you put in a freeze now will cost more if purchasing the same thing a year in the future. The take-away here is to have as much pantry food stored as possible. Just remember to rotate out your pantry food.

If you are a prepper, then a garden is something that cannot be ignored. If the stuff hits the fan (SHTF), then you will eventually run out of your pantry, short-term and long-term food, if you don’t have a garden. In fact, if the TEOTWAWKI becomes a reality, then a garden will eventually become your primary and possibly only source of food. There are many angles of attack when growing food. First, it can become your primary food source when supplementing food from your pantry. You will eat as much of the short-term food from your garden as possible. Next, you could be growing long-term storage foods like beans and winter squash to eat during the winter. Also, you should be a seed saver for trade or barter. The takeaway here is: Grow a garden and eat as much as possible from it leaving your other foods for in the winter and for emergencies. Next is to grow long-term foods like beans, grains, and winter squash for winter consumption. Last, is seed saving for yourself, barter, and trading. Seed could become more valuable than the silver or gold others may have.


This is your go-to food if you need it. Short-term food is canned food purchased from your local grocery store, If you are one of those home canners who I admire a lot, then that would become part of your short time food system. Also, things like dry canning which uses glass jars, the oven, or a vacuum lid sealer would count as short-term food. You can also use oxygen absorbers in dry canning. Just keep all your short-term food in a dry, cool, and dark environment. Remember to eat and rotate your short-term food by date. The takeaway here is to Supplement and store as many garden-grown things as possible. Only use your short-term food if there is no garden food. Check your cans and canned items for seal failure and leakage, Rotate your short-term food by date. Some canned food last longer than others

Long Term food does not have to be freeze-dried or dehydrated food. These types of food are mostly stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. The storage life is from 20 to 30 years. Commercial long-term storage foods are great because of the many different food types that can be purchased. How about things like cheese and noodles, or bacon and eggs. also many types of meat and vegetables. Just add water. Much of this can be purchased, but some food items like beans and rice take no prepping and when stored in the right containers and environment will have a 20 year plus storage life. As a prepper, long-term storage is the last food you should eat unless you must. If you are prepping properly then your primary source of food will be your garden, using only short-term food as needed and long-term as a last resort. If things WENT REALLY WEST, as they say, all of your efforts should be to only live off your garden and use all your other foods as a backup system as you learn. The takeaway here is: Long Term foods are a last resort type of thing. Purchase as much commercial long-term food as possible. Create as many long-term storage foods using mylar bags and oxygen absorbers as you can. See The Preppers Page 1.

When you open short-term foods and long-term foods, they lose the environmental climate that they originally were intended to have. Canned foods must be eaten immediately, and long-term items can become short-term as well, losing their 20 plus storage life or even having to be eaten immediately. That is why a garden is so important.

Below are some commercial long-term food storage companies that I have used.


OK, that’s all for this blog. I will be back with more pages of prepping advice and prepping tools and survival products. Come back often. To go to the next page when available go to the menu at the top of this page. Hope you enjoy this one. Dennis in Central Texas

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