The Problem with God

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The Problem with God

OK, you are right, the Blog title is probably clickbait. But then I love fishing and have used live, dead, plastic, and even lures that glow as bait. Please forgive me if you were hooked by the bait.

What the Blog should have said is “The Problem with God and Man”. While no place in his blog do I speak for God (That’s even funny), most of what I say is what I believe.

Studies show that if you asked the people of the world if they believe in a God that between 50 % to 75% do believe in a higher being. The rest don’t really care or think religion is a shackle that insults their intelligence. Loads of people think it’s a made-up thing to control people or a fairy tale.

There is one thing that I must say I believe and that religion has been used to control people soon after there were any. Usually, it is some king, ruler, temple priest, or woo-woo type of person or organization that controls the narrative and rules using religion. It’s been used to tax, everyone and offer even human sacrifices (like children) as a sacrifice to their particular god. 

There is something terribly wrong with religion over the centuries that is just as bad now as it has ever been. In the past, Christians have killed Christians.  Other religions are killing other people that don’t believe in their particular god or ways of living. The last one I heard was from India. The words were:

“Yes let’s drag all those Christians out of their churches and KILL THEM”

The idea of the real God that created everything has become one great massive distortion.

Most people have never deeply explored what they are and their relationship with God. What causes this problem? The problem is that man is a fallen being and there is evil in this world.  Like the universe is a veil for the glory of God, Evil lurks in dark places and in the minds and wills of humans. It was invited there by actual knowledge and consent or unknowingly by ignorance.

Many are called but few are chosen!

To get started. Here are five truths I find to be chiseled out in the granite of the universe.

  1. God is Love.
  2. Only pure and sinless people or things will exist in the kingdom of God.
  3. There is only one God that has three distinct persons but is united in one will.
  4. When God’s kingdom is finally consummated, the earth will fade away (heaven and earth become one) and there will only be two distinct places one’s soul can exist. One is with God, and the other is separated from God. We call this heaven and hell.
  5. God has very few laws, and the most important is to love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.

God is Love

God is love and is the Author of love. All things were created with and through and because of love. Love runs around and through and is part of God’s infinite will.  God is love and will. Some distractors will say that a perfect God would not need love which is crazy if you think about that. There would be no love if it wasn’t there to be used and given and in return given back. That is the very definition of love and how it is used and exists. Nothing more needs to be added to the above.

True Love.

True love is always and must be about the purity and perfection of God. God’s Love is always given and received out of and with his perfect will. God does not purchase and then give love. God does not love more or less but perfectly.

Kingdom of God

There are no sinners in God’s kingdom only purified souls. Only good and pure (God-like) things can even exist in God’s kingdom.  As I sit here writing this, I could not exist in God’s kingdom at the moment as I am far far from the purity that God demands.

God is three Persons

Yes, God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. All have a purpose that manifests in the single will of God. God the Creator, God the redeemer, and then God the Holy Spirit who is the very energy and breath of God. All three are contained in one God with one infinite will. That will is to love and to love perfectly and for eternity.

When Gods kingdom is finally consummated

Obviously, that has not happened yet but is getting closer as evil approaches and wants to completely consume the purity of God’s creations. It is the authors feeling that the end time is almost upon us. Not the end of the world but an era. When we get through this evil end of the era, there will be peace as the Our Father is completed. “Your Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. Then there will be a thousand years of peace worshiping God, not just with our will but a fused will. A fusion of our will with God’s will. Then the end will come. Then souls will have to exist with God or completely away from Him in darkness and eternal death. A death that never goes away nor can be eliminated or run from.

Gods Laws

God’s laws are simple ones. They are created and backed up by love. Love God, your neighbor, and yourself. This is the foundation that God expects all of his creations to follow. There are no others. Sin is breaking these laws. Sin is turning away from God’s will. Sin is worthy of spending eternity away from the light and love of God.

What is so wonderful about a human?

Then God said (the Trinity said) let Us make man in Our image and likeness. Then God with His mighty breath blew life into His newly created soul. The Holy Spirit is the very breath of God.

These are very powerful words that had probably never been spoken before and afterward to be never spoken again by God.

These worlds form and indicate exactly what you and I are.

We are not just an animal or some object like the earth, but a true living soul that will exist forever. God is eternal and we are His image and likeness and will live as long as God lives because you are a part of God’s DNA so to speak. A human in God’s eyes is one of His most precious creations because He used part of Himself to create all of us. You and I are a real part of the Creator. If you were not you would not live forever.

If you are feeling down and worthless and afraid or in fear, read the above words over and over.

God loves you as He loves Himself as you are part of that love. Remember His laws? Well God follows those laws as well. His love demands that He love you. Oh, how wonderful we all are if we only would look into the loving eyes of God.

To sum this up.

We are all Royal Sons and Daughters of the Loving all-powerful God of creation. God has a kingdom ready for those who love Him.

Again what is so special about a human?

Mind, free will, ability to think and make choices and decisions (free will). The ability to love and create. The ability to be part of His human creations. Have a family and have children. All these things only God has and you and I to a much lesser degree. That makes you and I although fallen and sinners still retain that “In our image and likeness” we were created with.  These are AMAZING gifts of love from the Creator. Simply AMAZING.

They exist in no other place in the universe but in the very soul of you and me.

With great sorrow, You and I should realize these AMAZING gifts can be wasted, ignored abused, and used for evil things. That is exactly why God created His kingdom for those who love Him and evil created hell.

The Great eternal void of the Soul

Void – a feeling of want or hollowness

What I am writing below is perhaps nothing new as much has been written about a great desire for God which emanates from the soul. But this desire or need is deeper than just want or need but is a plan and a requirement by God Himself.

When God created our souls, part of that creation was to make the soul not just the image and likeness of the Creator. Because of creation, there is also an integral part never talked about or realized by many. That part was a great eternal void that could only be filled by the Creator Himself. In other words, at creation, creation is not complete. What remains is the eternal void. This void was placed there as a gift to those who would love Him. Filling this eternal void would be a never-ending love affair with His children.

Amazingly then creation not only starts with the creation of the soul but is a process of this great love affair that will take an eternity to complete!

What is this great filling of this eternal void? While I would never speak for God, it is my feeling that God will fill this void with everything that He is. He will not hold back. The wonders and glory and power of the Creator will be poured out freely like a great river. Much is the reward for loving God.

For those who do not love God the void is a curse. This void will be filled with their own vile poison and darkness. It will be an eternal heavy weight placed on top of the never-ending pain suffered when completely separated from the light. Jesus is the Light of the World.

That is the end of this blog. As darker and darker days approach (The Great Storm), we all know how it will end and the great victory. Getting through the storm will not be a nice stroll in the park. Get your most wonderful and precious soul in order, then take care of the physical things.

Much love from Central Texas (it’s a commandment) – Dennis

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