The Revenge of Creation

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Soon and Very Soon

Last night I was in my regular state of sleep and being awake. It takes very little to bring me back to consciousness. A dog can bark or a chicken can crow is all it takes. I seem to always go back and forth between sleep and it’s hard at times to know if I am sleeping or awake. I regularly write down my dreams and mind wandering and it’s mostly frustrating dreams which I understand that these types of dreams are a way that humans work things out. My most enjoyable dreams are that I can levitate or float from one high point to a lower one, These dreams are often going down steep stairs but I just lift off and float down the stairs without touching them. I have had this type of dream for perhaps the last forty years.

Last night in a semi-awake state I was thinking about what the supposed vaccine is doing to people. Not only are adults being damaged and even killed by this gene-altering concoction of poison but young people and now even the very young are being targeted. Mothers who are pregnant are losing their unborn children after taking this evil concoction.

It seems that the whole human race is being set up for pain and suffering and eventual death. But the attack on the unborn here in the US and all over this planet has always been there and for more than 50 years we have ripped and killed the unborn. This is an insult to creation. It is an insult to God the creator. It is the deliberate killing of the most precious thing God has ever made. That being the human soul and these small defenseless unborn babies. The question in my mind last night went around and around in my mind. That question was “When will this insult end”? finally, there came to me one very clear thought “Soon Enough”.

It seems that if you are an evil person and killing is your passion, that the vaccine is just a continuation of death in the womb to death out of the womb. Murder is murder and it doesn’t make any difference what form it takes. Both destroy a life. Both are the ultimate insult to life.

It seems that pain, suffering, and death have become a business model. But it does not stop there. In the US as we create and export soul-killing movies and games and pornography to the whole earth. Our children dress like sluts and harlots. We export weapons of war and drones that can kill from afar like a video game on a computer screen. The US is guilty of much much more and even destroys counties directly or by proxy. Death and war and killing and destruction and drugs and selling and trafficking and abusing the young are huge business models in the minds of those in power.

We destroy the health of people and then treat the poor health with drugs and treatments which do not cure but keep us alive until we can pay no more. We are then allowed to die as we no longer have any worth in their eyes.

There is an evil atmosphere of death enveloping the world and a stench of evil that rises up to the Creators nose. If you cannot perceive that you are surely dreaming. You are perhaps hiding from the world and hope it won’t find you.

When will it end? – Soon Enough!

It is my distinct feeling and impression that all creation will vomit the corruption and evils that the US has created and profited from out of its mouth. Soon because of its evil ways will cease to exist. And you and me my brothers and sisters have all been a great part of all this. By our silence have let it happen, never lifting a finger or raising our voices. We are all guilty of being absent and quiet and acting like mushrooms being fed horse manure. Physical death and the death of our souls are right down our streets or available on our TVs and our cell phones. It has infested our schools and churches and our children.

Soon Nature will have its way as God has left the US. The earth and the universe will no longer be held back by God’s mighty hand. All of creation has been crying out for revenge of this great insult on life especially of the most innocent. I would suggest we all get our souls right with God.

I was not even thinking about this blog post last night, but as I got up and my morning master our cat Cindy was looking at me, and as I opened my eyes I knew that I must write this. It seems that our cat is pretty sharp. She controls the direction I walk when she wants something. She runs ahead, stops, and looks back to see if I have followed her. Rolls over and wants to play the game of grab my foot, or leads me to her almost empty food bowl or water. Sometimes she leads me to the back door wanting out. When satisfied or all her needs are satisfied wants her ears and head rubbed.

Cats are a wonderful creation and so are our children. God loves every living thing on this planet we call earth. Big and small He loves us all.

Remember when Jesus was born that Herod killed many children to prevent the baby Jesus from living. The Herods of our time are now coming for you and your precious children. Like Joseph and Mary did, take up your children and run.

Purchase some Seed.
Start a garden and grow your own food.
Love and take care of your family and neighbors.
Especially take care of the poor and those who have less than you do.

Love God Above all things.

Dennis in Central Texas – Email rfradio@xmail.c– where x=g

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