A Story for these times

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As the world seems to get darker and darker and a great veil of evil is starting to cover the earth, I thought it would be a good time to publish something I had written years ago. Most of it was in my travels around the globe as I sat there crunched up in an aircraft seat. Some was written late at night, high up in the sky with Greenland on my right or Moscow lights on my left. Traveling gives you a good perspective about people and how we all have the same wants and needs. One thing I did see and that was a look of need. Many did not see that need could be fulfilled by these words “Come Oh Lord Jesus”.

The Story

It had happened many times, some times awake and some times in my dreams. Ever time it happens I added to it. What did I add you might ask? Just another part of the story that is. Piece by piece it was added until it was complete. I am an old man now and I now want to tell the story to you. The story is about you and me and every human ever born on this little planet we call home. The story is about God and you. It is an old story. It is older than the universe and in man’s time is really timeless for it is a story of Gods greatest creation. Yes, it is you and I that I am talking about. I am talking about your sisters and brothers and every one you have ever know or will ever know. It is a timeless love story about He that is. It is a love story about the very Creator and origin of all love. It is a love story about Love it’s self. For if our Creator is anything that we can actually understand then it would be love.

You’re Story

If I asked you how old you are you might say thirty or forty or just a young teenager. You would be right in man’s way of perceiving things but in the spiritual realm, you would be very wrong. Not only would you be wrong but you would be as wrong as it is possible to be wrong. You are wrong because you are actually ageless. You have existed for as long as God has existed and if you studied hard in your religion classes you know that God has existed forever. No start and no end but ageless and has always been and was never created. So what has this to do with you?

God has known and loved you forever

God in his ageless love has always known you. He knew you before the universe was created. He knew you before the planets were created and before the first wave washed up on a prehistoric beach and touched the sand for the first time. God loved you with an absolute burning love even before you became flesh. He knew your name and every thing about you. You were His greatest creation and had waited for the most perfect time to create you. He loved you so much that he made you in many ways like Himself. He made you as a reflection of Himself as the moon reflects light from the sun. We are His most loved sons and daughters. That makes the Father who created us through the Son in conjunction with the Holy Spirit our every thing. All things were made through and for Jesus.

God is our Every Thing

So what does every thing mean? Every thing are words meaning to encompass all that is, was or will ever be. Yes, that is a very good description of what God is to you and I. We are so small but so loved! You are my every thing are words of love for they are fulfilling words that fill up all the spaces of our life. When God is our every thing, then there is no need for anything else. In the most perfect world that God created, we would have been perfectly happy in our relationship with our Creator until sin arrived and men were seduced by it. Sin arrived in the form of Satan who hated God’s most wonderful creations and set out to destroy it.

Free Will

Free will is a great gift from God and can be used to make our Creator smile as Jesus smiled on those whom He loved. For this most wonderful gift of creation, our creator only wants to be loved through our very wills. We can do that almost perfectly by replacing our will with God’s. Would you be happy if your parents did not love you or were forced to look after you as a child? There would be no joy in that and there could never be joy in being forced to imitate love but not actually be loving. In the same way God who does not need you but finds joy in your choice of loving Him, not because He needs that joy but because it is His will. God’s will is a very good answer to things we as simple children of God cannot even begin to understand.

God Plan

What is Gods Plan? Or even better what are His plans for you and I? At the moment of your creation, God may have whispered in your ear. That whispering if you quietly listen is still ringing in your ears. As a son and daughter of Him that is, we need to continually be open to what His plans are for us. Would it not be a waste of creation to be created for nothing that no one ever needed and made no difference to anyone? Can you imagine that ever happening from our Creator Who has had a burning love for us through out eternity?  Indeed God has a plan and plans for all of us. If you go to a very quiet place and listen intently you will hear that whisper. God who has a special place in his very being for you might say: “If you love me I will place you in my great kingdom and love you for eternity my beloved son or daughter”. “All that I ask is that you love me as I love you and that you love all as they are you brothers and sisters”. “Go and seek out those who are lost in darkness and bring them into My light so that I can bring them into my kingdom”.

Finding God

I once heard a man say that he did not believe in God as God had never spoken to him. That made me so sad that I almost cried for that person. He said it with a sad voice and with a very sad look on his face. Has God ever spoken to you? Have you ever seen Him or passed by Him on a side walk or while shopping? If our world is just a material one, then we like that sad man will never see or be spoken to by God. If God is your every thing then you should see God in ever place you look. Look into a baby’s eyes or look at his fingers and toes. The whole universe is radiating out the majesty and greatness of our Creator. He sent His only Son and we have his words. We have his great gift of redemption. If you could some how look deeply into the cells in you body and see all the various atoms that make the molecules that make up your arm. And then peer into the atoms that make up these molecules and dive into these atoms made of neutrons, protons and electrons what would we see? We could then go deeper and deeper into these very tiny parts of each particle how far could we go until there was nothing, nothing but God? God’s will has made very large things and very small things like planets and the very atoms of our body. You would have to be blind and deaf and have no feelings at all not to see God. But strangely enough that is what some people are.

Your personal worth

If you are a young person please know how most wonderful you are. Not in a conceited way but in the fact that you are a son or daughter of the Lord Most High and that you are precious beyond all knowing to Him. So don’t give any of that away to anyone else except for real love. Real love is never about self. So when you find some one that deserves and appreciates you most precious worth, then give your self as God wants you to give. Purity and love are a most wonderful and beautiful gift that you can give to God or to that most special person. Love is never passion or lust or only physical need. Love is never desire for desires sake. Love should last forever and be of great worth. Remember that God created you from love.

You can create

Have you ever thought that you can create? You can create many new things with the gifts that our Creator has given us. Yes, it is true that we can’t create planets but we can create love. We as parents can share in Gods creation by having children. Because we have free will we are not robots but fully functional creators. Think about that. If you are bored with life then you must be quite dead to the Spirit as each moment of our life offers us the opportunity to create. You can choose to reach out and do new things: things like Create love where love has never been and needs to be. Save souls and feed the hungry with food and The Word. Go to the moon or explore our own creative minds. Teach, create opportunities, forgive and just smile. Create a smile, a word of comfort or encouragement. Make the world a better place. All of these things and hundred and hundreds of others thing are quite possible using our free will and Gods creations. Sorrowfully the opposite is also possible as man is broken and must choose the light and not the darkness to make good and pure and pleasing creations that reflect our Creators great love for us.

There is a storm coming

We are so blessed for if you are a follower of Jesus and He is your Lord and Savior you then have an opportunity that only happens once in eternity. Yes, you and I are living in the times of the great storm. This storm is a cloud of evil that is choking the life and goodness from Gods children. It is a cloud of hatred and evil that consumes all those who live in its darkness. It calls good evil and evil good. It consumes and tries to destroy all good and pure things.  The Devil and his minions have worked very hard for thousands of years to get to this great moment of evil and darkness. How wonderful and blessed are you and I to actually know this for you now have the opportunity to save great numbers of souls for your Lord. Now is the time to throw off your petty needs and desires and look to the East as the storm clouds are growing. If you don’t, you will loose this great opportunity to make a difference, but you can not do it by your self as you will only fail if you do so. Now is the time to place your treasure on the sea shore as in the song and lay your self open to the directions of our Lord and the Holy Spirit. Again as in the song, he is looking at you and smiling and he is calling you by your name. This name that God has known you by forever and loved you before there was anything.

The Reward

What is the reward for this? Perhaps you will loose your life, but what is the worth of a soul? How can you measure that? What is living eternity in the light and love of God worth? I would say that it is impossible to measure. How could we even measure pure love and happiness or anger, darkness and pain for eternity? That is what each of us faces and our choices will place you in one of these places. If all this is daunting please read some of the prayers I have written over the years. They reflect my struggle with sin which continues every day and in seeking Gods plan for me. My story like yours is unfinished.

To have Jesus is to have all things good. (He is your everything)

When there is no love

When men despise you

When all your possessions are nothing

When your children turn their backs on you

When your wife does not know you

When there are only stars above you for a home

When you are almost naked and are hungry and cold

When you have lost all your dreams

When the world is barren and you feel lost and weep for the way it was

When your friends abandon you and curse your name

When hope has left your heart and your soul has been emptied of all worldly things

Know that when you only have Jesus, you will have everything.

A Sinners Prayer

Oh my most Precious Jesus, I come to You in pain and as a sinner who has failed again and in many ways. Now that how I live and what I say and believe are important to me, I am amazed at how easy it is to sin and how I was before this realization. I come to You Jesus for an increase in my tiny faith as I have fallen to the whims of my mind and to the easy ways of the world. I am truly a lost soul dear Jesus and I need and seek out Your loving forgiveness and love. Oh Jesus, how can I be on the path planned out by Your most Wondrous Father and then fall into the dark crevices of sin caused by my self centered desires? Along the path to You Oh Jesus are occasions of sin, which whip and swirl them selves very close to my heart. I have slipped, fallen, struggled and failed many times Oh Lord and I have bruised and darkened my soul in the traps and snares that line that path. How can I have my eyes upon to You my Savior only to wander off into my own closed up world? I am completely at Your mercy Lord, for I am weighted down with my own humanistic ways and desires. Without You Oh Savior, I can do nothing as I slowly sink into the dark and murky pit where God does not exist. Pull me out of the night Oh Jesus and shine the bright morning light of Your loving Sacred Heart upon me and upon the whole world. Make that light shine in my heart and in the hearts of all sinners who are lost but seek the light of Your goodness and mercy. Make all our times a time lit by the brilliant dazzling love You have for all of us. Forgive all of our sins Oh Lord and Master and help us to avoid the occasions of sin.


Jesus is our only refuge

Happy are those who seek out the Lord in these times for they will find refuge in His most Sacred Heart. The Lord Jesus is a refuge for all that come to him in a spirit of reconciliation. Reach out to Him and you will be received with great joy. Praise His name and He will make you His lamb. Live in Him and you will prosper as a child of God. Make all His ways your ways and you will not stumble. Love in Him and through Him and you will reap that love now and forever. The Lord Jesus Christ in His great love and mercy for all of us seeks our hearts. Open your heart to Him and you will dwell in His most Sacred Heart. Open your eyes and see as He sees and you will lovingly see your brothers and sisters. Speak as He speaks and you lips will only utter words of love and compassion. Walk as He walked and you will walk in the graces and love of the Father. Let you feet serve you well and take you on a straight and narrow path to the Father. The Father awaits you with open loving arms as you are a member of His Sons flock. Glorify the Son and the Father will raise you up on the last day and make you His for eternity. Happy are they who seek out the refuge of the Lord for their search will be rewarded.

Through death on the cross and Your resurrection Dear Jesus, you are the Savior of the world.


Choose Jesus as Your Lord

Praise be the name of Jesus.

Praise be His most Sacred Heart.

Loving are His ways, His call is a sweet whisper to those who will listen.

Gentle is His burden, for He will walk with you and share your crosses.

Happy are those who seek the Lord for their search shall be richly answered.

Jesus Christ is our Bread and our Strength, our day and our nights well blessed.

He is our morning full of newness laid out for us to take.

Choose Jesus and reflect his great love like the moon reflects the sun.

Jesus is our Judge, God, Teacher, Brother and Benefactor all wrapped into one.

Choosing Jesus is to choose Happiness, Eternal Love and being completely fulfilled.

Choosing Jesus make us a tool of the Father, a rock of stability, a small light in the wilderness and a fountain of compassion and love.

Choosing Jesus make us a beacon and a source of confront for all those who would come our way.

Choosing Jesus feeds a hunger put there at our creation.

Choosing Jesus will lift you up and fill your tongue with praise for the Father.

Choosing Jesus will set you free, for in choosing Him who is above all, is to choose what the Father In eternity wanted you to choose.

To choose Jesus is to fulfill your destiny, to complete the most loving circle put before you by the Father at your creation.

Choosing Jesus is to return home to your Father.

To choose Jesus is to choose an eternity of happiness in place of a few fleeting seconds of man’s shallow, hollow and sinful ways.

Happy are those who choose Jesus, for they will be called the children of God.

May the Lord bless you and light your path to Him with Grace and love. Come Oh Holy Spirit.


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