The Trap

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The Trap

What goes in does not come out

If you don’t have a good evaluation or you have bad internet or social media “Digital TRAP Records” or have been a part of a “ HATE POINT” then there is a body bag that has your name on it.

Global Governance

The nice definition – Global governance—the collective management of common problems at the international level.

The Real definition – Global subjugation of all people by the few.

The problems facing global governance

These are:

Item 1 The United States and its laws and all those weapons
Item 2 Nationalism
Item 3 Ethnic differences
Item 4 Religion
Item 5 Almost 8 billion people living on this planet
Item 6 Decentralized commerce
Item 7 Dispersed populations
Item 8 Unfettered globalization
Item 9 Political influence

The Solution

There is a background to the solution. Most people perhaps less than 0.001% actually are aware of it. It’s a well-kept secret with huge amounts of money being spent to keep it that way. Deep under the earth, the 1% is planning for this. It’s right under our noses and we don’t see it. The well-kept secret is a cooling planet that will result in catastrophic food loss and the loss of billions of lives.

So the solution is population reduction. Almost 8 billion people are really too many people to subjugate. Eight billion people who are mad and fed up with being managed at the micro-level just won’t work. They will probably like in South Africa tear and burn down everything. Dead people are easier to manage. In the background, the 1% knows what is coming and they are planning on using this and keeping it hidden as just another method of clearing out all those useless eaters.

Item 1: The United States and its laws and all those weapons

The US is really the big problem and that is why it is item 1. While the US is in shambles at the moment, it will have to get much worse before the solution of destroying the US is accomplished.

At the moment inflation and money printing are doing that quite well. Forced vaccine injections and lockdowns are also creeping into everything and damaging the economy. It looks like it is only a matter of time when a vaccine passport will be needed to purchase food or be in the public.

Those that have not been vaccinated are becoming the “HATE POINT” in the mainstream press.

All those who are now dying are caused by those unvaccinated people out there spreading all the death.

As the globe continues to heat and cool, food prices will continue to rise as food gets more expensive by the week. There are probably 50 million people in the US who can just afford their rent. With inflation, many will have to choose between rent and food.

Then there are all the weapons. That will probably take a little work, but a few really good and high-value false flag events especially those that take large amounts of life’s (especially children) will get the ball rolling on new gun laws.

I bet that CNN and others will be there to film it all in the glorious color of red blood on the streets.

Something is huge coming to the US. Power grid failure, Internet down, Bank failures, another LockDown or something even worse is coming soon? It may be a “Black Swan” event or something absolutely never thought of. Just be sure, it will continue to chip away at the foundations of the US.

Once the US is on its knees, then the 1% will have checked off item 1 on their list.

Item 2: Nationalism

Are you proud to be an American, French, German, or Mexican? Well, that is the real problem as described by the 1%. Nationalism is the cause of wars, unfair competition between countries. There are no noble global qualities in countries that exude a large amount of nationalism. Nationalism makes the world an unfair place to live or do business in according to globalists.

The solution to nationalism is to become a global citizen. Being a global citizen means having global governance that will keep things fair. That way you will get your share of the global pie which will be decided by all those fair thinking globalists who have your back covered and your best interest in their hearts.

So how do you get rid of nationalism? The solution is food. When there is not enough food to go around, some global organizations will be needed to fairly distribute food. In that venue, you become a global citizen receiving fairly distributed global food by fairly appointed global food distributors. These food distributing organizations will be appointed by the unelected 1% who lookout for the best of the best.

Once you become hungry, you will be forced to become a global citizen. You will no longer be American, French, German, or Mexican but global. No longer a free citizen but a global one and you will love it!

Item 3: Ethnic differences

In all my travels around the planet, one of the most enjoyable things I experienced was the ethnic differences of each country I visited. It was amazing how different things were in India, France, Poland, Russia, and the UK. The Chinese were quite different from the Vietnamese. The people were different, the food was different and the environment was different. All of them just wanted to be let alone to live life.

But that is a real obstacle to Global Governance. It becomes really hard to monitor and direct the activities of such diverse looking and thinking populations.

Again like in Nationalism, there is a common need of all these peoples and countries. These common items are food, water, and a place to live. In a global world, people will not be allowed to migrate. In each country, the global powers (1%) will appoint fair-minded local globalists who will understand ethnic thinking and requirements. That way no one ethnic group will have an advantage and they will be happy.

Item 4: Religion

Religion is a real thorn in Global Governance thinking. Different faiths make people different. Being different in a Global Governance world is dangerous and disruptive and hard to manage.

The solution is a common (local) place that global citizens can practice their faith together. There will be a commonplace that real global dialog can take place at these locations. People of different faiths can intermingle and enjoy each other as global citizens. Any threat will then be eliminated as all will be equal, and being equal will be respected by all. This common location eliminates the separation of different religions. In the Global Governance world, there will no longer be divisive separate churches that will be against the law. In this world, there will only be commonplaces of worship.

Item 5: Almost 8 billion people living on this planet

Yes, 8 billion people is a global problem especially for the Global Governance 1% who look at that many people as mostly useless eaters. If you think about it you can see why they think that way. They understand the coming and here now global cooling that will wipe out much of the world’s food production. They see this, and the solution is to remove as many of those useless eaters as possible. This will scale back the population that can be governed. As we wrote above, it is almost impossible to manage 8 billion people who want to eat every day and will go crazy if the food is removed. Hence this is their reason for their obsession with global warming, vaccines, gun control, and religious persecution and a lying press, social media, and tracking of each individual.

Solution? Yes, it’s all the above, but especially food and water. If you globally control food, water, and housing, you control everything. Then they will fill their underground bunkers with food and all the essentials, and allow global cooling to do its thing.

There is another three-horned daemon coming our way. As you have read in some of my posts, we are looking at a magnetic pole flip. Because of this, our jet streams are going crazy, and the earth is being inundated with galactic radiation that is causing more clouds and cooling the earth. Along with this, comes the possibility of a grid-down possibility any day and would be caused by a CME from the sun. The 1% also see this and are planning for this as well. When it’s all over they will come out of their holes and be the savior of those who remain. Readymade slaves willing to do anything for food. Yes, it’s all about the culling of the useless eaters – those 8 billion.

Item 6: Decentralized commerce

Well, not so much Decentralized commerce, but uncontrolled decentralized commerce. At the moment, commerce is not controlled at one point as in a globally controlled point. If global governance is to work, all commerce will have to take place through a centralized organization. This will prevent any roadblocks of goods and services that the 1% need.

Commerce at the point (End of July 2021) is a total mess. This mess is in the UK big time and getting worse here in the US. A visit to Home Depot or Lowes will show this mess in a very easy fashion. Many things are no longer available. If you removed everything from these two stores that came on a shipping container from China, there would be very little left in the stores. This will get so bad that Global Governance will look like a valid solution soon. Big business has shipped all our manufacturing someplace else where labor is cheap.

We are reaping those rewards now. It will be much worse when all commerce is centralized. You will be at the bottom of the list or perhaps not on the list. Are you vaccinated?

Food and commerce are having problems as well. The west is burning up, and the food that is available is having problems finding workers or transportation to move it. Meat especially is a problem especially chicken which is the cheaper of all the meats. We have had huge wheat crop failures in Canada and here in the US. Corn production in South America is WAY down. Down so much that there will probably be no exports this year. Russia is having really bad heat problems and has shut down exports of wheat.

So not only are we having transportation problems but availability as well.

All of this looks like a great opportunity for Global Governance.
Problem – Oh Ya – Solution – Oh Ya and remember that you will love it.

Item 7: Dispersed populations

Yes, people live all over the place. You may not live in the city. A dispersed population is also a real problem when it comes to people control and management. But the Global Governance crowd has a great solution that you will love. They will remove you from the outback or country or who knows where and move you into one of their smart cities.
You will be smart and love it in a smart city where they can use you to control all that excess CO2 and modify your carbon footprint.

The globalist wants complete control, and the internet of everything (IOE) is a magnificent solution. In the smart city everything – yes everything is controlled. Even you and you will love it. Nothing to worry about as all is taken care of!

When will this occur? As I have written over and over, it’s all about food. When food becomes scarce and people are dropping like flies, they will move you to a camp. At the camp, you will be vaccinated and evaluated to see if you have any value. If you do have value, they will move you to the city. Old people and those who have no skills will be listed as worthless eaters.

This solution has already been worked out and there are physical places that will be the evaluation camps. Be prepared right?

If you don’t have a good evaluation or you have bad internet or social media “Digital TRAP Records” or have been a part of a “ HATE POINT” then there is a body bag that has your name on it.

In the minds of those pushing Global Governance, this is a great solution. They have made sure that there is a business model in body bags!

Item 8: Unfettered globalization

Unfettered means not controlled or restricted. Again, all of it is not controlled or managed, or restricted by the globalist at the moment. Yes, a considerable amount is, but they want it to control it all.

We live in a global world. If you were not, then that chair you are sitting on or those grapes you may have in the refrigerator would not be there. Perhaps even the refrigerator as well. Uncontrolled or unfettered globalization gives the human population way too many options.

Especially all those CO2 generating things like cars, trucks, or gas-producing rear ends of cows. Meat-producing animals are the worst, so you should only be eating meat on your birthday.

Growing your food is a bad idea as there is no health monitoring of what you are producing. You would be much safer and healthier if you lived in a smart city where only SAFE food is available.

The solution is always the same – Problem – Solution. Let what is happening continue, but push it harder. Get in the way with laws, taxes, and propaganda. Make and fund bad things that work against all of us humans. When the global system falters, then the solution will be rolled out. It’s always the same old solution. We have a solution and you will love it. No money or home or food? How about a place in the smart city where we will give you a place to live. Money? Ya, we have loads and loads of that you can earn. Food? Yes, we have that as well. The great factory-produced food that yes, you will love.

Item 9: Political influence

Am I am saying that there is political influence deeply embedded in our politicians? If you can’t see that then you are truly blind. The Democratic party and most of the Republican party are a big black smelly corrupt swamp of political paid-for influence.

The problem with the Globalists is that there are not enough of these politicians who will sell their souls or their mother for money, power, and a mistress. Does money corrupt? No reason to ask that question. It is so easy to see this happening as more and more money is poured into that big black smelly swamp of sub-humans.

They are everyplace and they are not hiding anymore. All of these people will help to bring down the system and bring in global governance.

What they don’t realize is that when that happens, they will be evaluated as well, and because they would sell their souls for influence and money, there is a body bag for them as well.

Keep pouring money, prostitutes, and fame and fortune into the system. Eventually, the system will be so one-sided that it will fail.
Again, that is when the problem – solution will e offered

That is all from this blog today. Things are warming up a bit here in Central. They (MSM) are pushing fear that is really funny. It will be (OH NO) temps over 100 in august (Perhaps). That is really funny as I can remember 30 days in a row of temps here in Texas that were over 100. Fear by the MSM for sure. A great example of what they are doing with everything – Fear Not as God is in control.

Best of everything from Central Texas

Now is the time to:
Purchase some seeds
Start a garden
Love your family and your neighbors
Look after those who have less than you do
Love your God with your whole soul and being and your neighbor as you love yourself.

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