The Turning Point?

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Boy is it dry here in Central Texas. It seems that we get teased by what looks like we may get some of that wet stuff, but it always heads east just before it gets here. Of course, it is always raining in Houston. All that white area in the east is where all the rain heads just before it gets here. While the start of April was a cool one and still is to some degree, it was a dry start. Texas is having a drought as you can see from the map below. This is going to be a tough year for wheat here in the US and globally. While not shown on the map, the drought does extend into Canada which grows wheat as well.

The above two graphics are from the National Drought Mitigation Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This year on Crescent Hill Farm it is a reorganize and look over our options year. I do not like the fact that we do not have a well on the property and that we must use what rain we get (very Little) and our rural water system. Most of my growing is in my large greenhouse where we will be growing Tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, and all kinds of greens and onions. Also green beans and eight ball squash. Outside I am going heavy on the Waltham Winter Squash and potatoes. After that, It will be Sweet Potato time. Much of this is done in Grow Bags and drip water in the greenhouse. I am also trying the English Cucumbers. What I would like is a well right outside the greenhouse. I am also planning on growing all fall into the winter. As I said, I am reorganizing, and I will be starting a Grocery Row Garden via The YouTube channel “The Survival Gardening Channel with David The Good” in the spring. I am planning on the trees, vines, and bushes that I will plant on one side of the garden.

I am now running tests on a couple of those round bales of hay for weed killer. I suspect that I may not be able to use them, and will have to use the manure from our chickens. I will know in a week or so. Guess ill just roll it out on the side of our rural road and put a free sign on it.

Test results – – Well they were not good, and I have a bunch of hay that is poision to my vegetable plants. This really upsets me a lot as hay is a really good thing for the garden. This means that most of my compost will be comming from weeds and green matter. I guess one thing is that our horses are no longer eating the crappy hay eather, and their manures will be useable in about a week as they get the poision out of their bodies. Thern ther are our chickens who make some of the best manures around. So all is not dire. The problem is that I need a lot of compost!

As I read all the bad news, my garden seems to get bigger and bigger. I am really looking hard at foods that will store over the winter. I am also in the process of getting everything I will need to do hot water canning which I said at one point I would never do. If the hay problems get any worse, I will be on my own when it comes to mulching and improving our garden each year. One nice thing about the grow bags is that the soil can be revitalized each year with mulch and manures. I’ll have some pictures later of how things are doing. Below are some 7 Top Turnip greens that give all my salads a bit of a kick. Note the 5-gallon grow bags and the drip system.

I am now just inserting my Beef Steak Tomato starts into grow bags. I hope to have a bumper crop and loads of Tomato Sauce and dried tomatoes. I just planted an 80 ft row of Okra. I am waiting on the seeds to germinate. After they pop up, I will be growing green beans and white icicle radish under the okra. The okra bed will then become part of my fall garden. Okra / Tomato Gumbo with rice is what I am shooting for.

So why am I talking about gardening and food? As I see it, this is the only good future. The future we were all hoping for is completely broken, as the United States is no longer united. Just look at California. It’s a broken place. Look at our borders where our “HAHA” leaders are doing nothing. Look at Texas sending illegal aliens up to the North East. Is that something a United Country would do?.

In my opinion, all of this is a way of destroying and breaking up this country. We now see us and them. This country is no longer a Christian county. It has lost its moral direction. In fact, the only direction I see this country is going is into destruction. I also do not see any turning around. You can think those thoughts, but how could that ever be done? Violence would never work. Our voting system has been compromised. The Supreme Court – well is there anything good you can say about them? It does not matter who you vote for as they have their own agenda, and your welfare is not part of their agenda.

Why is our government making things worse? Isn’t your welfare their prime concern? Aren’t they working fearlessly to improve things? The answer is not only no but hell no. That is not what is happening and as we all sit on our rears, there IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. We have lost and in the process, we have lost our country. And that is exactly what our present ?elected Leaders? are all about. Lining their pockets and stripping all of us of everything that is dear.

What to do? Ya, what do we do? My only answer is to run to safety. Safety is not in California, New York, or some large city. Can you imagine safety in Chicago or Detroit? How about Boston or the state of New Jersey? Safety is especially not in an apartment in a high rise. Safety is getting as far away from all the crazy people who will go ballistic when the system crashes.

The way I see it and I hope I am wrong, I think we are into the 3 1/2 years before the antichrist takes hold of the whole earth. I think it started in 2020, and we have used up two years and four months of the 3 1/2 years before the antichrist. I see much of what is happening in the writings of the early Church Fathers where they talk about the 7 years of the end times. If this is true, then we have about a year and then the end time start which will be 3 1/2 years of hell on earth. As I said, I hope not.

See the Graphic below from a previous post:

If you think you will get a free ticket out of this, I hope you will not lose your faith when that does not happen. There have never been and probably never will be free tickets. The only free ticket humanity ever got was the last Good Friday when Jesus died for your sins.

Those looking for a return of Jesus in person will also be disappointed. At last not for perhaps a 1000 years. Yes, he will rule but only in an intimate way with all of us. I have covered all of this in other blogs. It’s called living in the Divine Will of Jesus. For the most part, evil will no longer be a part of those thousand years. It will be a back to Eden type of existence where Jesus rules in all mankind’s hearts. It will be a place where the sheep and the lion are friends. It will be a place where creation is in harmony with humanity.

But getting to the 1000 years of peace and living in the Divine Will of Jesus and a trek back to Eden will take us through the last 3 1/2 years of the antichrist. Not something I look forward to. But if you die on the way, and you are a Child of the Light and belong to Jesus, then that will be even better than living in the 1000 years of peace. You will be face to face with your Creator!

If you have been following the news, then you may know that there is a fertilizer shortage, and the wheat planting and growing in the US is abysmal. I suspect that we will see a 60% reduction in wheat this year. Here is a heads up, there may be food shortages here in the US by the end of summer. At the moment we are purchasing and eating last year’s crops. All over the planet, exports of food are being halted. Also, the planting season here in the states is seeing very cool weather which is holding back planting. NOTE: There will be no wheat coming out of Texas and I suspect Oklahoma because of the drought. We can expect a 20% increase in food prices by this fall. At what point will you have to decide to eat or pay your rent or purchase fuel? There will not be enough food to feed this planet very soon. I suspect food rationing will come to the US by year’s end. If the government gets into this you can just imagine where that will go? But if you voted for these XXX dolts, then you know you will be just fine.

If you have not started a garden and have not stocked up on enough food to feed your family while you learn how to grow your own food, then good luck. But hey, President Sleepy Joe and our leaders will bail you out. Just sit there on your rear and wait for all that free food they will bring you. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Drink that beer and eat that pizza as everything will be just fine.

Again, I suggest that you get your seeds now. When the SHTF, there will be no seeds to purchase. Note I am not happy with the seeds I purchased at WallMart. I purchased some and they were crap. I will soon have another garden module out on my blog soon.

Dennis in Central Texas

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