The Void or Secret Room

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From Central Texas this Thanksgiving I will add all those who read this blog to be a part of my thanksgiving prayer. For those who would like to steal this simple little blog, you will be in my prayers as well. There are no thieves in God’s kingdom, and I would not wish separation from this kingdom on anyone, not even my greatest human enemy.

While we can be thankful for all our blessings, they fade into nothingness when compared to what our Creator and Lord have in store for those who seek out His Divine Will. My idea of what a soul looks like has slowly changed as I contemplated such things. When you finally see yourself in a starkness of black and white you will finally feel not your will but a great void and need for your Creator. They made us that way and then because They loved us so much They created a void or space in our soul that They could create and act in. Into this void or space or secret room as Jesus calls it, our Creators could pour out everything They were into their most wonderful little creations which is you and me. We then are the pinnacle of creation. Small yes but nonetheless most amazing. God’s joy is then having His creations see His glory and the great love and love Him back. God’s joy is having His creation want to be like his Creator. Not like our original parents but a yearning to be filled up with everything God is. Those who live in the Divine Will of Jesus will start this filling even on this earth. At the final completion or execution of God’s infinite Will, those who love God will in earnest start this filling and it will take an eternity of love for its completion. Such is the Divine Will of Jesus.  

It is my Thanksgiving wish today which is November 25th. 2021 that all of us His creations will see the great worth that the Creator sees in each of us.

Dennis in Central Texas

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