Thinking Refuge

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Thinking of a Refuge

As I look back on some of the things I was writing years back, It looks like what I thought would happen is perhaps a year off. Many of the things I thought would happen this year (2021) will probably happen in 2022. These are food shortages, the grand Solar Minimum getting rolling, and crazy social unrest. Not that things are all that crazy so far this year. But never in my dreams did I ever see what happened in 2020 with the Corona Chinese virus. The virus was real, and very unhealthy people died from it. Especially those low in vitamin D. If you note, there were no deaths from the standard yearly flu that kills many thousands each year. These were all counted as Covid deaths. It was all a hyped-up event that did indeed kill thousands but was just the front runner so to speak for the COVID-19 vaccination which destroys your immune system when taken.  Actually, it causes all sorts of problems and is slowly destroying the lives of billions of people who were so unfortunate to believe the hype.

Ya, follow the science. I can hear that being said as most of my family took the jab. But then I am just an old doom and gloom guy with gray hair, really old and you know, as people get older they get more stupid, right? I guess it is my fault as I never trusted anything the government said or wanted to do. I always saw the money and the agenda and the propaganda behind it all.

I got all that wrong for sure but most of us never saw that coming. Of course, most of us are just peaceful people who want to live out our lives without someone in our faces or pockets. It looks like that has all ended and will soon be a fond memory, just like Christmas 2019 which ended the world we once knew. What is coming is almost impossible for most of us to imagine. The problem is that what you and I see as insanity is a plan to destroy the world and to reform it into something more easily managed. Something like a half of a billion of us or so.  And even of those, they will all be the servant type who will own nothing and be happy.  

So what does one do? The power elite can easily – very easily outspend us? They are backed by an endless supply of money for bribes and payments to their paid prostitutes. The only thing that can stop this is for most of the world to say no and shout stop and enough. That is it. Nothing else be it some savior person like Trump who makes me laugh or likewise can stop it. If you are waiting for Jesus to stop it – Well you created it so its yours. You might think that you will be sucked up into the sky into heaven so you don’t have to suffer through all this? Not a chance.

Will any of the above happen? I suspect the answer is no. People will go to their death as willing sheep. I suspect that most of the 1/2 billion who will survive would gladly let the other 7 plus billion die as long as they make it. This is the sad state of the world as it is now. Many billions will eventually die and won’t even understand the reason why.  Most will not understand that it is an evil demonic elite that laughs at how stupid they are as they starve to death or eventually die from the “Vaccination”.

There are only a few options available for most of us. As the years progress it will eventually come down to just hiding. Hiding from evil things and evil people. Eventually, it will end and those who were smart enough to see what is coming will meet the new fresh world minus all the evil. The other option is to form a community. This community will be a refuge. It will be a place hidden from the eyes and senses of evil people and evil itself. Evil will be blind to the refuge and will pass it by.

The refuge will be a REFUGE of the Divine Will.

You may have read what I have written about the coming 1000 years of peace where the Our Father prayer is completed. Now is a time to create a little piece of this earth where that is true. Your refuge can be a part of the earth where “Your” will be done on earth as it is heaven.

So what does a refuge of the Divine Will look like? It is a place of safety. It is a place where Jesus and his Divine will replace the will of all that live in the refuge. It is a place for those running from evil to find refuge. It is a place where politics does not exist. It is a community of brothers and sisters who work not for someone but for everyone. It is a place where each individual in their private and public life acknowledge that Jesus is King and their Lord. It is a place of extraordinary power and grace blessed by God with everything it needs. It is a place that evil is blind to.

Think about hiding. Think about preparing. Think about your family and friends. Think about a community. Think about the “Our Father”. Think about the “Divine Will”, and then think about a refuge. You can build one if you replace your will with the Divine Will of Jesus.

Dennis in Central Texas.

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