Tuesday, July 6th. 2021

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OK, what’s so special about the above date? Well nothing, but I have almost conquered WordPress in getting this Blog together. Also, I stuck a little video around the internet to get some Blog interest. Just hope it works as it feels funny just typing to myself!

Actually, today was an interesting day as you can see from the graphic below. The graphic is part of the little video I made. As you can see the high for here in Central Texas is 83 degrees F. which is pretty unusual for this time of the year. From the graphic, it looks like cool and cold weather all the way up into Eastern Canada (even snow) and down to even Mexico. Yes sir that’s pretty strange.

Also, look at the graphic and the amount of ice and snow being added to Greenland. It’s WAY above the average even when compared to the average. Something funny is taking place climate-wise, and of course, it’s just the normal occurrences of a Grand Solar Minimum. I suspect you will find nothing but “The World Is Melting” in all the regular Global Warming Places.

This brings up an interesting fact, and that during the Little Ice Age, it was warmer in Alaska than on the East Coast of the USA.

So today is perhaps an unusual day that no one will notice as they eat their pizza and drink their beer. They will not see that crops are failing, and one day there might not be enough food to be had at any price.

Cheers from Central Texas – Ill be BACK tomorrow – God willing


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