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The Chinese virus – The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans.

I am now continuing with my list of blog items. On the list was the Chinese Virus and of course, the Jab that eventually came with it. It is my opinion that these two things are intimately related. While I am no expert on any of the above, it’s easy to see the fruits (rotten fruit) of what these two things are doing to our ?modern? civilization.

The two-bed fellows are the part and parcel of The Great Global Culling

Problem – Solution? Well, the problem is twofold:

  • Virus (problem) and the vaccine (solution) This is all a lie, the real reality is:
  • Vaccine (problem) and the eventual death of billions (solution)

The second item is the real solution. The Great Global Reset is actually the CODE NAME for the Great Global Culling.

So what is the reason for the Great Global Culling? Well besides unbelievable evil there is this, and it’s all about the almost 8 billion people that like to eat, so it’s

All about food

  • The Super Grand Solar Minimum
  • A cooling earth
  • The dwindling and moving of the earth’s magnetic field.
  • Increased Solar and Cosmic radiation and increased clouds globally.
  • More drought, biblical floods, heat and unusually early cold, ice and snow.
  • A possible Mini Ice Age
  • Crazy loss of agriculture and food loss globally
  • Grid Down

On and on I could go, but you get the big picture I hope. If you think the 1% don’t know what is coming, think again. If you have not seen the war on meat, then you may be blind or not really care. This war is everyplace and is one big part of the global reset. A reset to no animals used for food and only factory grown food for the masses. All this is being pushed using CO2 and global warming as an excuse and agenda. In reality, CO2 and animals improve food production on the planet. It’s just all a way to control things. Carbon credits are just another way to impose the coming reset. In the Great Reset, your carbon footprint will be reduced by stacking and packing you in smart cities where you and your consumption can be controlled. It’s good for the planet.

Some of the above is from my 6 book series Winter is coming soon – New Worlds

With all the things I have listed above, there is going to be a great food shortage. What a better solution to the food problem is the Great Global Culling (solution). The vaccine is the solution. What people are just waking up to is that the jab is destroying the human immune system, and the more jabs the more deadly it becomes. Even worse is that the damage can not be recovered from. Just a simple cold can send you to the hospital or to the funeral home. Heart problems, cancer, and probably 40 other things can be connected to the jab. How about abortion or the destruction of women’s eggs after the jab? Essentially the vaccine is genocide. And its much more deadly than Hitler during World War II and his final solution. The vaccine is then the globalist solution to overpopulation and food loss. And it’s rather sad that people are lining up to take it and our government is trying to make it mandatory. Ya mandatory DEATH!

Just think, those who do not take the jab will soon have another business. It will be taking care of all the homes and businesses of those who took the jab. If it gets too bad there will soon be a surplus of cars, homes and all sorts of things.

  • The coming of the Grand Solar minimum.
  • Food loss and a cooling earth. The future of earth is a cold one.
  • Financial breakdowns.
  • The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic pole flip.
  • The Chinese virus.
  • The vaccine and eventual death of many billions of humans.
  • The fall of the United States.
  • The great global reset.
  • The continued genetic manipulation of humans.
  • The illumination of souls.
  • Christians hiding from persecution and living in refuges.
  • The complete collapse of everything.
  • The great delusion.
  • Mark of the beast.
  • Persecutions of humans by Satan and his Minions.
  • Three days of darkness and the casting of all evil into hell.
  • The triumph of the Divine will of Jesus and His mother – You do love your mother don’t you?
  • A new age of peace that will last 1000 years.
  • All humans living the will of God and the completion of the “Our Father”.
  • Satan will be released back upon the earth for a very short time.
  • Then the end will come.
  • Final Judgment.
  • Infinite rewards for those who love God

Well, that is the end of this Blog. Notice that there are now two new yellow items. Soon I may take care of two more as the fall of the United States and the Great Global Reset seems to go hand-and-hand don’t you think?

Best from Central Texas

(C) 2022 The Grand Solar Minimum Prepper

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